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創世記 Sōsei-ki
"A man full of mystery, anger, and can even make words fly around him."
Sprite from Pokémon Final Version
Gender Male
Eye color Red (eye scarred)
Hair color Red
Hometown One Island
Region Kanto
Relatives None
Trainer class Ultimate International Champion
Generation V
Games Pokémon Final Version
Specializes in Various

Genesis (Japanese 創世記 Sousei-ki) was the Ultimate International Pokémon Champion in the Pokémon world before he fell to his death.

In the games

Genesis was born in One Island the Sevii Islands. During his childhood and adolescence, life was beautiful in his eyes. He thought everyone had a place in the world. Once he reached his adulthood, he was kidnapped by the once again revived Team Rocket. They asked him where the Omega and Alpha Crests are. However, Genesis denied having knowledge of what these things were. So he was cut across his eyebrow down to his lower cheek, and he was scarred for life. Team Rocket, somehow disguised as high officials, held a public broadcast to the world saying that Genesis is responsible for an incident which polluted over 1/3 of the earth. That ruined Genesis' life forever.

After the broadcast, Genesis was freed, only to be looked down upon by the citizens. Team Rocket pulled off a fraud stunt that people actually believed. Genesis was on the run, and he was being hunted down by everybody. Even his friends and family turned their backs against him. After much traveling, he decided to go to the Pokémon League in Unova and dig a hole underground. He named it Chamber of Shadows. (Japanese 影の商工会議所 Industry of the Shadow)

He thought back to all the things people did to him. His hatred started to grow to an incomprehensible level, so he decided to train his Pokémon until they were maxed out. Once his vigorous training was over with, he went around the globe in a veteran disguise and defeated all of the Gym Leaders and knocked out all of the global Pokémon Champions, including Red, Ethan, Kyouhei and N, who just briefly had their own Champion positions. Soon, he gained the title of Ultimate International Champion. (Japanese 究極の国際チャンピオン International Champion of the Ultimate) He challenged anyone to come to the Chamber of Shadows.

Genesis only sends or accepts challenges from people who have been entered in at least one Hall of Fame in one region. Should a challenger lose against Genesis, he will rip the challenger's Pokémon away from them, and will eliminate the challenger. So far, there have been many reports of missing people. What they don't know is that they've all fallen to the hand of Genesis.

The player starts off, traveling on their quest to obtain their regional badges as well as beating the Elite Four and Champion, while fighting off Team Rocket and ultimately, Giovanni, the man responsible for putting Genesis in his state. The player will meet Genesis, who is under the disguise of Geno (Japanese ゲーノ Geno) throughout the game from time to time to discuss about the whereabouts of Genesis to the player and about Genesis himself without the player knowing that Geno is actually the ruthless Champion himself. Geno will challenge the player once before the player heads to the Elite Four, and will be beaten by the player.

After the player enters the Hall of Fame, the television will be turned to the news, and Geno is revealed to be Genesis. He has kidnapped the player's mother and his holding her ransom. The player then receives a call from his cellular phone and Genesis challenges the player to find him and battle him in one last fight or he'll jeopardize the entire universe with his ultimate Pokémon and he'll eliminate his mother.

The player rushes off to find Genesis, but to no avail. Once the player arrives at the Pokémon League again, Officer Jenny will contact the player and reveal that they have found Genesis' Chamber of Shadows. Once the player arrives, the Pokémon previously owned by Genesis will be in the wild to try and stop the player. Once the player has reached Genesis, he will greet them and challenge them to the battle that will decide the fate of life. Once defeated, Genesis will thank the player for releasing his inner demon. He will release his Pokémon and ultimately fall to his death while playing the credits. The game will end, and the player is sent back to his house.

In the Pokémon World Tournament Version 2, Genesis is revealed to have a younger brother named Nemesis (Japanese ネメシス Nemeshisu), who thanks the player for stopping Genesis and his evil plans. The player thought that Nemesis was actually Tower Tycoon Palmer because they resemble so much, but Nemesis reveals to be a big fan of Palmer. Nemesis claims to have waited for the day Genesis to be brought to justice by a powerful Trainer. He will note that he isn't as strong as his brother, but he wants to become better than him. He then tells the player that he has this eerie feeling that Genesis is alive, but shrugs it off and leaves.

Genesis' Pokémon

This is a list of Pokémon owned by Genesis.

First Battle

Final Battle


Pokémon Final Version

After third Gym battle

  • As Geno
"Hey there! I saw your battle. Great skills! Oh, I'm sorry, I didn't introduce myself. Believe it or not, my name is Geno, and I'm the Ultimate International Champion around here. Surprised? I would be too. Have you watched the news lately? Some fugitive is bringing in people from all around the globe. They say once they go, they never return. So far, there have been thousands of people missing! I heard rumors saying this guy that goes by the name of Genesis is hiding somewhere. He secretly invites people and challenges them to a battle. That is, if they're worthy in his eyes. But none have returned! Thousands went missing! How does he do it, I wonder? Uh-oh, look at the time! I have to get going. What was your name again? ...OK, gotcha. <player>, I'll see you around! Ciao!"

After fifth Gym battle

"Hey, it's you again! <player>, right? Another well deserved badge you got there! You know, with your battle skills, you could probably take on Genesis himself! ...What's that? Why do I always talk about him? Well, he's the hottest piece of rumor going around, and I gotta know what's what! And then, I just snap and I HAVE to tell everybody about it! Hey, do you have time for this research of him I found? It won't take too long, I swear!"
Yes "Great! It goes something like this..."
No "Sorry pal, I'm just too excited, I have to tell you! Here's how it goes..."
"Let's start the story by going to the year your parents were born. That's where Genesis is also born, in the Sevii Islands! Nobody knows his real age to date though. Ever since childhood and his adolescence, he was very optimistic. He thought life was beautiful in his eyes, and everybody had a place. He got along with so many people and Pokémon, he was seen as one of the most friendliest people you know. It was a great time for him. However... a dark generation would soon strike for Genesis, as he started to reach his adulthood. Team Rocket, after a long absence, returns and kidnaps Genesis! Nobody knew where he was kept captive, but apparently Team Rocket wanted to know the whereabouts of some stupid things called the Omega and Alpha Crests. Maybe you've heard about them, I don't know. But Genesis claimed to have no knowledge of them! Since Team Rocket insisted he knew something, they disguised themselves as some high authority thugs. They influenced the people that Genesis was responsible for the pollution that took a chunk of one third of the planet's beauty away! He was freed later, but everybody wanted him out. So he fled, and made his little hiding hole.
"...And that, my friend, is that! Quite a story if I do say so myself! I wonder how he his today? Is he even alive? No one knows for sure, but I want in on the latest scoops on him! ...Huh? Why do I know so much about Genesis? Ahaha... <player>, you ask too many questions! But I'll answer anyway! I want to challenge him one day to realize that he was in the wrong to make people go missing like that! It's a dream that any Champion, ultimate or not, would have! Don't you agree! Man, I've been talking for so long! We both probably have places to go! I'll see you soon, <player>!"

After eighth Gym battle

"Yo, <player>! It's been a while! Hey, you've got your last Gym badge! Gnarly! Hey, I want to test out your strength to see if you really are ready for the Pokémon League, but this isn't the place to do it. I'll meet you at the entrance of Victory Road! I hear they've got a nice field inside for us to duke it out! Meet you there, alright? See ya!"

At Victory Road

"<player>, what took you so long? Doesn't matter, I'm raring to go! I won't take it easy on you just because you're on the way to victory!"
  • After the first move
"Wow! You really are strong, friend!"
  • After sending out last Pokémon
"Don't get comfy, we're just getting ready to end this ourselves!"
  • Upon defeat
"...No way. You can't be THAT strong!"
  • After defeat
"Well, I hate to say it, but you're tough! Too darn tough, in fact! And that's my second best team! Huh? My first team? ...Wait until you're a bit more stronger. Then we'll have our battle that will determine who the strongest is out of the entire galaxy! Well, ciao! And good luck!"

After defeating the Champion

Mother on the phone: "<player>, help me! Please!!! I need you--"
Genesis on the phone: "...That voice you heard. Recognize it from somewhere? Do you also recognize this voice? Yeah, it's me. Geno. Or rather, allow me to actually introduce myself. My name... is Genesis. I hold a grudge against humanity for tossing me aside like I was garbage. And it was all because of that second rate villain team, Team Rocket! They were humans nevertheless, so you people only have yourselves to blame. I've killed so many people, it's becoming a hobby! Come and find me if you dare, otherwise I'll plunge you ALL into the depths of darkness! Oh, and this goes for your mother too. Ahahaha!"

At the entrance of the Chamber of Shadows

"... ...<player>. You've kept me waiting long enough. Get through the cave and come see me. If you run away, I will end everything myself."

After going through the Chamber of Shadows

"Good. It seems you've arrived. Step forth!"
"I've been waiting a long time for you. <player>! Because of you, everyone knows my true colors. Can't say I'm surprised. That good for nothing Giovanni... he created the monster you see today! I thought I'd let you know that this is a battle you can't win. Remember how hard you were fighting against me previously? That was nothing. My second best Pokémon was just a practice to see your strength. Now that I know every trick you have up your little sleeves, I can guarantee an absolute victory for me! The one and only Genesis! Still want to battle? Fine. Be my guest. As the strongest trainer in the entire galaxy, I accept your worthless challenge! This is a battle that will determine whether you all live or die! En garde!"
  • After first hit
"Acting cocky, are we? We're just getting warmed up!"
  • After sending out last Pokémon
"You can't be serious! You think I'll give up?"
  • Last Pokémon at low HP
"Ahahaha! You just can't beat me! I'll crush you!!!"
  • Upon defeat
"...No. This didn't just happen. No. NO. NO! NOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!
  • After defeat
"...So, this is the end of the line for me... <player>, do you remember what I said back when we were talking about my little biography? I said that I wanted to challenge myself to make myself realize that I was wrong. I couldn't do it. Every time I tried to think about what I was doing, I couldn't bring myself to stop. I'm a failure. Fighting you hand to hand... that was everything I needed to open my eyes to the truth. I needed it more than anything. I wanted to challenge myself... because if I didn't, I would have grown fully insane and wipe out the entire population. I was such a nice boy back then... I want it back. I want to live a life of harmony and peace again. Maybe... this life just isn't for me anymore. I've run my course. Here's your mother back."
  • When Pokémon are released
"Ah, my dear friends. You've kept me company for so long, I don't know how to repay you. I don't want any of you to suffer the same fate as I'm about to suffer. And I demand that none of you save me from what I'm about to do. Understood? Good. Now go. Be free with the winds! Take care, and thank you all for everything! ...<player>. Thank you too. From the bottom of my heart, I appreciate for what you did... If it wasn't for you, my inner demon would have torn me apart. But now... I can be free. <player>. ...Farewell."


  • Genesis is the first character in any game to allow the player to witness him die, which is during the credits
  • Genesis' Arceus is the only illegal Pokémon on his team, with it having maxed out EVs and IVs and some illegal moves.
    • This makes Arceus the first illegal Pokémon in the main series games.
      • Arceus has a balanced nature to keep it nearly impossible to knockout.
  • All of Genesis' legendary Pokémon have at least 670 base stat total or higher.
  • None of Genesis' Pokémon know any status moves.
  • Genesis' final battle shares the same music as the credits in Pokémon Black and White.
  • Genesis is the strongest trainer ever to be fought, beating even Red's level 88 Red's Pikachu with all of his legendary Pokémon.