Zイス29 Zewis29
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Age 17 years
Gender Male
Birthday June 29
Blood type O+
Eye color Brown
Hair color Brown
Hometown Virginia
Region United States
Relatives Norman and Johanna (Parents) Reggie, Daisy, and Iris (Siblings)
Trainer class Trainer, Breeder, Coordinator, Warlord
Generation I, II, III, IV, V, and VI
Games Main series, Mystery Dungeon, Conquest, and TCGO
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251.png This user is 17 years old.
385.png This user's birthday is June 29.
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Basically, I'm just a nerdy high school senior who likes Pokémon. I'm a varsity rower and an IB Diploma Candidate with an active social life, and I work part-time at the marina at a local park, but I always try to find time for Pokémon in my life.

Bulbapedia is a lot of fun, I guess. My older brother introduced me to Pokémon at a very young age, and since then it's always been a lot of fun for me. Main series, anime, spin-off, or TCG, I love Pokémon. I grew up during Generation III, and I remember a lot about Generation II. My first game was a Sapphire I shared with my brother; I later got one of my own. I then played Leaf Green, Emerald, Pearl, Platinum, Soul Silver, and White. It's like Pokémon grew up with me.

Soon into White 2, I discovered EV training because I needed to beat the Champions' Tournament in the PWT, and that was when my enthusiasm for Pokémon skyrocketed. I became obsessed, and it was awesome. I had a decent score in Wifi battles. I went to the midnight release of XY at my local GameStop with some of my friends. I eventually discovered IV breeding, and that was when I started to feel unstoppable. In the Battle Spot, I climbed to a pretty good Rating for Double Battles.

Unfortunately, on October 31, 2014, my 3DS was stolen, along with its case containing most of my DS and 3DS games. I cried and screamed, a lot. But I bought a used 3DS from GameStop and was able to access my Pokémon Bank account, with most of my breeding leftovers. Then I went to the midnight release of ORAS and got Alpha Sapphire. I've been rebuilding my life, and already have a decent Battle Spot score again, but my team is still a work in progress.

I do play on simulators online, such as Pokémon Showdown, from time to time, but nothing comes close to the real things, so I generally play on my actual games. I still respect those who play Pokémon casually, but I personally find Pokémon the most enjoyable when it is played like the very intense strategy game it is. I believe Pokémon should be played with integrity, and do not respect people who hack the games.

I love Bulbapedia. I read it, use it to study, and contribute whenever I can, although I haven't been contributing much lately. I love experimenting with templates, and I have several, but again, I haven't done much serious work for a long time. My username is Zewis29 all throughout Bulbagarden, and my name on Pokémon Showdown is Zacklemore.

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