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Some merchandise I have at home that I will get around to covering one day or another.


  • Better coverage of socks
  • Sweaters/hoodies
  • Better coverage of t-shirts
  • More hats
  • I also have Pikachu track shorts :P

Household items

A random pic from the Archives
  • Bedding/pillows
  • Plates/bowls/cutlery/et al


  • Lunchboxes i have like 5 omg
  • Game console carrying cases do we even cover that?? we should
  • Styluses (styli? whatever)
  • Party supplies...
  • i want to make an informative article on doujinshi that doesn't suck


  • Update stickers and flipz to new trading card standard
  • Japanese guides (see pile of books)

Player's guide image gallery

Prima's Official Strategy Guides is on its way to victory!! My priority is those and the Nintendo Power articles since those are already visible in the mainspace. I will come back to these books below once I've fixed up the articles for the Prima/Nintendo books I already have.