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This is a list of all the Pokémon manga volumes in my personal collection. Most of the scans I upload to the Archives are from my own collection, so these might all sound familiar :P So if you need a scan or something for an article, I'll help you out, just ask me :)


English (VIZ Media)

English (Chuang Yi)





English (VIZ Media)




I also have a fake ass deck of bootleg playing cards that mostly has fake pics of the anime, but also some pictures from Can You Draw All the Pokémon? and a really fake pic of Red and Pika from Pokémon Adventures XD (obviously it's not on the wiki since it's very fake)

Bragging corner

  • My First Wide: Pocket Monsters Special Ruby Sapphire Chapter volume 1: According to the seller I bought it from, it was in publication for only a few months and discontinued. Someone was recently selling it for $100 on Amazon Japan. Dang! (Although I think the value will go down once the new omnibus volumes come out).
  • How I Became a Pokémon Card: These are really expensive especially when you get the promo card sealed inside, but I got pretty good deals on them for the most part. My promo cards are still sealed inside, I didn't look at them ;)
  • Apparently the Chuang Yi translation of Pokémon Battle Frontier had a really low production run and then went out of print so yay me!
  • According to InvocK the Pokémon Gotta Catch 'Em All volumes in French are super rare! All the Pokémon manga published by Glénat went out of print due to some copyright issue or something so they're sought after by collectors.

Wish list :)