Welcome to my page. I enjoy looking on bulbapedia for helpful tips when i am playing my Pokémon games or I want to look at some information on Pokémon. Many may wonder why I have Yoster10 and it is not that I am 10 it is because I have had it since I was 9 so it has been about 5 years since I created this nickname and I will always stick to it... hopefully.

Talk Page

This is a link to my talk page so if you want to ask me any questions just feel free to craete an new topic and I will try to answer it with my best information that I know or my own opinion, or even add to a topic that has already been made. If someone asks me a question do not answer for me because I presume they want my opinion and not yours, you may of heard my opinion before but my opinion can change.

About Me

I play Pokémon White and Black 2, which I have obtained every non-legendary Pokémon.

I am a Hoenn boy, my first Pokémon game was Sapphire I enjoyed it a lot but recently I sent most of my Pokémon to Pokémon white.

Pokemon I need.

I do realise that all of them are event legendaries but if you have spare or can get one I would appreciate it if you would trade for any non-legendary you want. My friend code is '3225 3465 1004' on Black 2. Just message me what you want and which one you can offer, I will not accept any fake ones though. I am looking to get all four forms of Deoxys, both forms of Shaymin and all five forms of Genesect if possible. Please help me out me out I will greatly appreciate it I just need four more Pokémon to complete my Pokédex and thirteen to see all forms of Pokémon, but I would be happy just to get one of each to complete my Pokédex.


My favourite Pokémon.


My level 100's in Kanto


My level 100's in Johto


My level 100's in Hoenn


My level 100's in Sinnoh


My level 100's in Unova


My level 100's that are shiny