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Yes, I know, people have done this before, but I wanted to give this a try! I'm not doing COTDs because I don't really watch the show that much anymore. I will do Movie 12 characters in the future.

Pokémon Platinum Version

Frontier Brains

Picture Name Prediction Reason Real Name Accuracy
Spr Pt Darach.png Castle Butler Kokuran Castle Butler Carlisle
Castle Butler Cochran
It sounds like "Castle". Also, the name Carlisle sounds kind of fancy and "butler-ish". And Cochran sounds like "Kokuran" and is similar to "castle". Castle Valet Darach Valet? The dude freakin' parks her cars! lol I know what kind of "Valet" they meant but still...I hate it!
The name is weird. I really liked Carlisle...
Cattleya Cassandra Sounds like "castle". Lady Caitlin I like the "Lady" part. Her name seemed so lonely without it...
Caitlin is a good name. I liked Cassandra better, though.
Spr Pt Argenta.png Stage Madonna Kate Stage Madonna Kate
Stage Madonna Stacy
"Kate" is a common American name, but if the seriously have to change it, then I guess "Stacy" is the best choice. I'm sorry, Kenji-girl, but it was the perfect name. Hall Matron Argenta "Oh no! she might sue us for using 'her' name!"
It's a name. You can't sue for using your first name. Stupid. And HALL!? At least use "Stage Matron"!
What the f***! Argenta! "She gives a silver print, so we'll name her after that!" Retards.
Spr Pt Thorton.png Factory Head Nejiki Factory Head Fabio Sounds similar to factory. Factory Head Thorton I like the name...kinda. It doesn't make much sense, but Tiffany Thornton is one of my favorite actresses, so whatever.
Spr Pt Dahlia.png Roulette Goddess Dahlia Roulette Goddess Dahlia
Roulette Goddess Roslette
They might keep it the name because it works as an American name. If they had to change it, "Roslette" works because it sounds A LOT like "Roulette". Arcade Star Dahlia "No! roulettes are for adults, arcades are for kids!"
and a minute later,
"OMG PARENTS! 'Goddess' is about religion!"
Yay! I got the name right! (because they didn't change it)


Picture Name Prediction Reason Real Name Accuracy
Platinum Charon.png Pluto Pluto
Please don't change it. None of the younger players will get what "Charon" means. Uranus comes after Saturn, but it might be a little...odd. Neptune is next after that. Charon No comment...

Random Gym Leader Names for the Future

Type Name Reason
 Fire  Amber Sounds like "ember"
 Flying  Ava Sounds like "aviation"
 Water  Raina Sounds like "rain"
 Steel  Carmen Sounds like "car", which is made of metal.

I need to come up with a lot more boy names.