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- NEW OFFICIAL ANNOUNCEMENT PAGE to advertise the come-back of the manga:

- New official front cover: hinh%201a.jpg

- Size: 12.5x17.6 cm. Volume 1 has about 210 pages. Edit: Translator: Ngọc Diệp (unofficial checker: YJVN Group).

- New promotion event: and

- Today (April 2nd, 2015), Kim Đồng Publisher has official announced the re-publication of the manga "Pokémon Đặc Biệt" on their official website, along with description of the new promotion event for Ho Chi Minh City, name “Selfie cùng Pikachu” (means “Selfie (together) with Pikachu”). Volume 1 of the manga will be released 1 day early (April 5, 2015) on a specific Kim Đồng Book Store (every books sold here is 10% cheaper) at 43 Ho Van Hue Street, Phu Nhuan District, Ho Chi Minh City (43 Hồ Văn Huê, quận Phú Nhuận, TP. Hồ Chí Minh). Between 8 a.m and 11 a.m local time (UTC+7), customers can have opportunity of receiving the following gifts: Pikachu balloons, Pikachu paper hats (supply can run out before 11 a.m), Pikachu seals (or cachets or stamps, I don't know what it called, but it like the ones Cilan wants to collect in BW051), and can take photos together with a Pikachu cosplay (called "Mascot Pikachu"). People can participate by uploading those photos along with a few short lines that describe the feelings when they own the book onto Facebook, and then send the link and the photo itself to [email protected] on 4/6/2015 (which means June 4th in Vietnam, so I think this could be a mistake). Emails which are sent on other days will not be accepted. Accepted photos will be posted on Kim Đồng Publisher's Facebook page. Only 3 photos that are liked/shared the most on Facebook (3 likes = 1 share), and 2 other ones chosen by the council can win. Each of the 5 winners will receive Pokémon toy figures (I think they will be the same of those at the previous writing contest in Hanoi) as well as a free Volume 2 of the manga.

Here's what I know, collected from every source

The first volume of the manga Pokémon Adventures will be re-published (released) in Vietnam (in Vietnamese languague) by Kim Đồng Publisher (one of the biggest publishers in Vietnam that publish manga; but of course they publish not only manga but also other kinds of book) under the name "Pokémon Đặc Biệt" (means Pokémon Special in English) on April 6th, 2015.

Some features

- Like the first publication back in 2003, it will use the trademarked Japanese romaji for Pokémon names, character names, locations... Moves will be translated into Vietnamese, maybe from Japanese (The "Japanese partner" (which is likely to be Shogakukan) forces Kim Đồng Publisher to do these by sending them a name list). (I haven't known about the Abilities, which is gen 3, and the Items and Nicknames yet).

- Unlike the first publication, this time the manga will be printed right-to-left, no longer be flipped. The cover will be the "folded" type (I don't know what it call), unlike the Japanese verson, which has two separate covers at once (the inner one and the outer one) (I don't know what it call, either.)

- It will be in 12.5x17.6 cm size. It will have the label "Pokémon for ASIA only" on the back cover. The manga will cost 22000 VND (approximately 1 USD) each, and is scheduled to be released 1 volume each 2 weeks on Monday, means that Volume 2 will be released on April 20th.


- In the past (I don't have any particular sources, especially time), Kim Đồng Publisher has once had the rights to publish the manga (unlike the Pocket Monsters manga, which wasn't copyrighted), and publish the 1st volume in 03/2003(?). But it has been dropped after Volume 12 in 10/2004(?) due to an unknown copyrighted issue with a "game company". In this reply from Kim Đồng Publisher, it was said that the cancel was due to the "Japanese partner" had stopped signing with Kim Đồng Publisher to sign another contract (which is unrelated to the manga, I think) with another "game company" from Vietnam. Update: Kim Đồng has the rights to publish the manga only; the actual copyright of Pokémon franchise in Vietnam belongs to "another company".

- Present: In late 2014, Kim Đồng Publisher has managed to regain the right to publish this manga in Vietnam. However, Kim Đồng Publisher is just "allowed" to translate and release it, and is just one of the three companies that participated in the production of the manga series (the other two are from Japan: Shogakukan and "another company" that relates to the game), and thus doesn't have full control over the production. All the design and content must follow the other two companies' demand, such as the cover, the translation, names,... Due to their strictly tests to find every little mistake of the draft, the initial release date on Jan. 26 (before the Vietnamese Lunar New Year) has been delayed to March 9th, and then because of the cover test (after the success of the content test), delayed again to March 30th, before a "final" date was announced to be on April 6th.

- On 12/12/2014, to promote for the upcoming manga in 2015, a special 2015 calendar features the B&W Pokémon Anime was released by Kim Đồng Publisher (also copyrighted from Japan), which costs 30000 VND (about 1.4 USD) each.

- Also to promote for the manga, a contest named "POKÉMON - TỚ CHỌN CẬU" (means Pokémon - I choose you) was held by Kim Đồng Publisher from Dec. 25, 2014 to Jan. 31, 2015 in Vietnam. Everyone can participate by writing their feelings and memories of the manga and their favorite characters, then email it along with a favorite picture of choice to the contest email address, but only those who could go to Hanoi could be 1 of the 20 winners. Who couldn't go must specify that in their entries. Only 10 entries that are shared the most on Facebook, and 10 other ones chosen by the council could win. Winners will be invited to a trip visiting a print factory in Hanoi Capital that prints the manga. It was said that all winners could receive a toy figure produced by Takara Tomy (a company in Japan) at the end of the visit, but after the contest ended, it was decided that every participant would receive one. Strangely, the winner list hasn't been announced yet.

Other contests and events are said to be held in the Middle and Southern of Vietnam in the future for people from those areas could win. (It's not new, I just forgot to mention it when I first created this page).


This is just the "raw" information, and for inform purposes only. On the release date, Kim Đồng Publisher will post more information about this manga on their website, and I will put the links here. And, sorry for my bad English and bad wiki-codes!

Sources - Kim Đồng Publisher's official website. - Kim Đồng Publisher's official Facebook Page. and - Pokémon Đặc Biệt's Fanpages, which are also the pages of YJVN Group, the "adviser" team of the production of the manga. and - April Release Schedule of Kim Đồng Publisher. - The "new" front cover of the manga (Every other images are just the 2003-2004 ones or the Japanese ones). - The front covers & spines of the first 2 volumes (this pic is splitted from this official .gif image) - The "unchangeable" release date announcement. and - Some "new" leaked pages. - NEW LEAK. - An image of the 12 old volumes before dropped. and - The Anime-based 2015 calendar. - The contest "POKÉMON - TỚ CHỌN CẬU". -The 13 entries of the contest "POKÉMON - TỚ CHỌN CẬU" that are from the people who couldn't go to Hanoi. - The 26 entries of the contest "POKÉMON - TỚ CHỌN CẬU". - The gifts for the contest "POKÉMON - TỚ CHỌN CẬU".

Some posts and information in the delayed time - "Almost-release-date" 1. - "Almost-release-date" 2. - "Almost-release-date" 3. - Contest end.