Yash Sonbhurra
"『Gotta Catch 'em All !!!』"
Ash XY 5.png
Age 14
Gender Male
Birthday March 21
Hometown Bhopal
Region India
Trainer class Champion

Hi there, I'm Yash Sonbhurra. I joined this community-driven encyclopedia on Children's Day, 2018; though, because of some unexplainable difficulties, the first edit I made was in 15 May, 2019(six months and a day later).

As I don't have time or interest in making articles, I just make some small edits here and on Wikipedia in free-time...

For Bulbagarden Archives, my first goal is to replace all images in the "Unsatisfactory Images" Category especially the TCG Cards; however, I'm busy with the SwSh sprites for a few months, so I won't be focusing on my main goal...

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