Hi there! I'm Xlrshine77, just a newbie to the system. If anyone could give me a little advice, I'd be very grateful. Like Shaymin. Because Shaymin is cool. Like Snivy. My favourite Pokemon.

Pokemon: In The Beginning

Basically, I had these Digimon pyjamas, which I wore whenever I could, because I thought they looked kinda cool. Then I saw some Pokemon badges in a shop. I bought them, because I thought it looked just as good, and put them on my cap. Then I wore THAT whenever I could. Eventually I started watching the anime. Then I 'earned' the right to get my parents to buy a DS Lite and Pokemon Diamond Version, because from my cap, my Pokemon likeness had grown. Then I played it and enjoyed it. I also bought some cards, thinking I would enjoy them. I did. I LOVED them. I then started buying lots of merchandise and every DS game. Nowadays, I check Bulbanews and Bulbapedia everyday for updates on Pokemon. It just elevated from there.


So now you know my story. Now what you DON'T have... Are pictures of cute puppies.