User:XD007DarkRayquaza/Favorite Pokémon

This is is list of my Favorite Pokémon by type in order by my favorite type.

Dragon Type

Pokémon Reason
Rayquaza  Because he best Dragon/legendary ever.
Giratina  mainly because of Origin Form and he one of two the most dark looking Pokémon.
Salamence  The best pseudo-legendary and first pseudo-legendary I own.
Garchomp  The best second pseudo-legendary and mass power house.
Flygon  Perfect speedy Pokémon easy to get.

Dark Type

Pokémon Reason
Darkrai  One best Dark for speed ability and he one of two the most dark looking Pokémon.
Tyranitar  a mass power house
Houndoom  Reminds me of Hell hounds
Absol  A awesome and fast Pokémon
Umbreon  my favorite Eeveelutions.

Fire Type

Pokémon Reason
Charizard  The full Evolve version of my first Pokémon and the best Pokémon ever.
Blaziken  The second best Fire Starter.
Entei  The best of all Legendary beasts.
Ho-Oh  The master of the Legendary beasts.
Magmortar  Magmar most deserving evolve form.

Electric Type

Pokémon Reason
Pikachu  The reason why I Stared like Pokémon and so cute.
Zapdos  The best of all Legendary Birds.
Jolteon  The fastest Eeveelutions.
Electivire  The same as Magmortar.
Magnezone  The same as Electivire.

Water Type

Pokémon Reason
Manaphy  No Reason I jest like it.
Swampert  My favorite Water Starter Pokémon.
Kyogre  Master of the sea
Gyarados  Reminds me of Leviathan and always be my surfing Pokémon.
Milotic  The perfect contest Pokémon.

Ice Type

Pokémon Reason
Mamoswine  A awesome Ice type.
Glaceon  My favorite second Eeveelutions.
Weavile  A fast Ice type
Walrein  A awesome Ice type
Lapras  A awesome Ice type.

Steel Type

Pokémon Reason
Lucario  A awesome Pokémon and use Aura.
Dialga  Master of Time.
Aggron  Look like Dragon that favorite in my book.
Metagross  A awesome looking pseudo-legendary and power house.
Steelix  Steel snake awesome.

Psychic Type

Pokémon Reason
Mew  original Event Pokémon and able to Learn any move.
Mewtwo  A clone of Mew a sad past and most aggressive Pokémon of them all.
Deoxys  Have four form it from space and reminds me of something from Metroid
Espeon  Its name close Esper it look like Esper and if you don't known what a Esper is play Final Fantasy VI.
Gardevoir  This is the Mage of Pokémon World.

Fighting Type

Pokémon Reason
Gallade  This is the swordsmen of Pokémon World.
Hitmonlee  He Fight in same way I do.
Machamp  Four fist of pain awesome.
Poliwrath  Makes Poliwhirl awesome.
Infernape  It nowhere compared Blaziken but he still good Fighting Type.

Normal Type

Pokémon Reason
Arceus  God of all Pokémon can be any type and the most powerful Pokémon ever.
Regigigas  Beside have Slow Start he still a power house.
Skitty  What can I say jest love them there so cute.
Porygon-Z  A hack computer Pokémon sweet.
Eevee  Because it able to evolve to so many forms.

Grass Type

Pokémon Reason
Torterra  The best Grass Starter ever.
Sceptile  It fast and know Leaf Blade.
Venusaur  A another Good Grass Starter.
Tropius  A awesome looking Grass Pokémon.
Celebi  Time Travel Pokémon.

Flying Type

Pokémon Reason
Lugia  The Master of all Legendary Birds.
Staraptor  A good for flying and battle.
Pidgeot  The same as Staraptor.
Skarmory  awesome looking Flying Pokémon
Togekiss  Learn Aura Sphere And Sky Attack Sweet.

Ground Type

Pokémon Reason
Groudon  Master of the land.
Gliscor  Awesome and fast Pokémon.
Rhyperior  Mass power house.
Claydol  A powerful Ground type Pokémon.
Donphan  No Reason.

Ghost Type

Pokémon Reason
Spiritomb  really scary look and no weakness.
Dusknoir  A perfect looking Ghost.
Gengar  Creepy Face but awesome.
Drifblim  A interesting Looking Ghost type.
Mismagius  Same as Drifblim.

Bug Type

Pokémon Reason
Scizor  Fast and iron Pokémon.
Yanmega  A dragonfly A DRAGONfly must I said more.
Heracross  One few Bug power house.
Ninjask  A Ninja Pokemon sweet.
Shedinja  A Interesting Pokémon.

Rock Type

Pokémon Reason
Aerodactyl  Dragon like.
Rampardos  A Power hoses.
Golem  Awesome Rock Pokémon
Magcargo  A interesting Looking Rock type.
Regirock  The only one Regi trios that made list.

Poison Type

Pokémon Reason
Nidoking  A power hoses they don't call him NidoKING for nothing.
Seviper  A awesome snake Pokémon.
Toxicroak  Awesome Frog Pokémon.
Drapion  Awesome Poison Pokémon.
Crobat  A bat Pokémon which NOT annoying.