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About Myself

My first name is Cody. I've been a big fan of Pokémon since I first saw the show back before I entered Kindergarden. My first game was either Silver or Ruby or Saphire as I don't really remeber.I really enjoy the Pokémon anime (all the series), the Pokémon Special, and of Course the games.I currently own Platinum version, Silver version, Emerald version, Pokémon Colosseum, Pokémon XD, Pokémon Stadium, and Snap. I read the Pokémon special on the internet as of now though I've been thinking about getting buying some as soon as more are realesed on Books-a-millions website. My favorite character from the Pokémon Special is Silver (Adventures).Other than being a fan of Pokémon, I'm also a fan of Star Wars, Bionicle, and Yu-gi-oh. I like many different kinds of music and have taken a liking to the Japanese openings of Pokémon.



My Current Platinum Team. My Original team wasn't all that great, even though it made in the Hall of Fame. So now I'm currently training up so we can challenge the Elite Four again and the Battle Frontier.

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