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This is a timeline of events in the Pokémon world, from my point of view. Data may be incorrect.

day 0: Mew floats around space/time rift.

day 1: Through a vortex, mew lays a egg.

day 2: The egg hatches. Arceus is born.

day 3: Arceus shapes the universe with 1,000 arms. Its shards became the earth plate.

day 4: Arceus creates Dialga and Palkia.

day 5: Arcreus creates the Lake trio.

day 6: Dialga and Palkia create space and time, and the lake trio created spirit.

day 7: The plates are created.

day 8: Now that the universe is created, there was no need for mew to live in the space/time rift, so mew left.

day 9: Now dialga and palkia are done with their job, so they went to sleep on Spear Pillar. Arceus made his home in the Hall of Origin, and rested too.