Warning: Flyingspaghettimonsters. I mean LOAD WARNING!!

Honchkrow is my favourite Pokemon


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Persons' Name/Persons' Sprite Pokemon Sprite #1 Pokemon Sprite #2 Pokemon Sprite #3 Pokemon Sprite #4 Pokemon Sprite #5 Pokemon Sprite #6/Other Pokemon
Cynthia/             / 
Flint/             /Other Pokemon:  
Lucian/      (hides it in a secret spot (guess!), a person would have to grope him to find it)     (his first Pokemon)    /  (it was chasing him and it reminded him of his best friend Faulkner)   (Dawn inspired him to catch one)
Winona/        Fragmory-2.png    1WinonasGyrellow.png /Other Pokemon:       (deceased, killed by her Honchkrow)

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If only there was a pic of Lucian's Girafarig!

Pokemon classification

She deserves to be with Lucian!

This is more in depth than my main profile

Bird-like Pokemon

He deserves to be with Cynthia!
  • PidgeyPidgeottoPidgeot; TogepiTogeticTogekiss: Columbiformes (col-um-bih-FOR-meez)
  • SpearowFearow: Falconiformes? (fal-con-ih-FOR-meez); Lugia?
  • Farfetch'd: Anseriformes (answer-ih-FOR-meez)
  • DoduoDodrio: Struthioniformes (STROO-thee-on-ih-FOR-meez)
  • Articuno: Trogoniformes? (TROH-gon-ih-FOR-meez)
  • Zapdos; Moltres: Charadriiformes? (CHAR-rad-rih-FOR-meez) (they remind me of terns)
  • HoothootNoctowl: Strigiformes (stry-gih-FOR-meez)
  • NatuXatu: Passeriformes? (PASS-err-ih-FOR-meez); MurkrowHonchkrow; TailowSwellowGyrellow (made up, see sprite above); StarlyStaraviaStaraptor (definitely)
  • Delibird; PiplupPrinplupEmpoleon: Sphenisciformes (SFEN-ish-ih-FOR-meez)
  • SkarmoryFragmory (made up, see sprite above): Ciconiiformes? (SICK-con-ih-FOR-meez)
  • Ho-Oh; SwabluAltaria Psittaciformes? (SIH-tass-ih-FOR-meez); Chatot (definitely; see Masked Lovebird)
  • TorchicCombuskenBlaziken: Galliformes (GAL-ih-FOR-meez)
  • WingullPelipper: seems to be a mix of Procellariiformes (PRO-cell-lar-ih-FOR-meez) and Pelecaniformes (PEL-ih-can-ih-FOR-meez)


I kinda hate the anime, only specific episodes...

REASON: Roark is hot!

  This user's favorite anime episode is Shapes of Things to Come.
  This user's favorite anime episode is A Gruff Act to Follow.
  This user's favorite anime episode is Wild in the Streets!.
  This user's favorite anime episode is O'er the Rampardos we Watched.

REASON: See above

  This user's favorite anime episode is An Elite Meet and Greet.

REASON: Cynthia is so cool!

  This user's favorite anime episode is Top-Down Training!.

REASON: Maylene is kickass!

  This user's favorite anime episode is Lost Leader Strategy!.
  This user's favorite anime episode is Crossing the Battle Line!.
  This user's favorite anime episode is A Triple Fighting Chance!.
  This user's favorite anime episode is Enter Galactic!.

REASON: Hotness.........

  This user's favorite anime episode is Our Cup Runneth Over!.

I can't wait to see ep DP096, DP097, DP099, DP100. DP101, DP102, DP103 :)

  This user's favorite shipping is IkariShipping.
  This user thinks Lucian and Cynthia should be together..
  This user wants a signature from Aaron, too!
  This user thinks Pokemon should be more realistic

Hmm... hotness:

  This user loves Volkner.
  This user loves Roark.
  This user loves Lucian.
  This user loves Aaron.


  This user loves Cynthia.
  This user loves Maylene.

Sprites I've done

1WinonasEmpoleon.png 1WinonasHonchkrow.png 1WinonasFlygon.png Fragmory-2.png WinonasZapdos.png 1WinonasSwellow.png 1MaylenesLucario.png

1MaylenesMawhile.png 1MaylenesWeavile.png 1MaylenesBlaziken.png 1MaylenesSceptile.png 1MaylenesBreloom.png 1RoarksRampardos.png 1RoarksSkuntank.png

1RoarksStaraptor.png 1RoarksBastiodon.png 1RoarksPachirisu.png 1RoarksPurugly.png 1VolknersLuxray.png 1VolknersMagmortar.png 1VolknersGarchomp.png

1VolknersElectivire.png 1VolknersMantyke.png 1VolknersRaichu.png 1ByronsSwampert.png 1ByronsAggron.png 1ByronsBastiodon.png 1ByronsTorkoal.png

1ByronsRampardos.png 1ByronsManectric.png 1CandicesAbamosnow.png 1CandicesGlaceon.png 1CandicesFroslass.png 1CandicesLumineon.png 1CandicesFloatzel.png

1CandicesMightyena.png 1CynthiasGarchomp.png 1CynthiasSpiritomb.png 1CynthiasTogekiss.png 1CynthiasDrapion.png 1CynthiasGliscor.png 1CynthiasGallade.png

1LuciansBronzong.png 1LuciansMespirit.png 1LuciansKingdra.png 1LuciansChimecho.png 1LuciansSalamence.png 1LuciansGirafarig.png 1FlintsArcanine.png 1FlintsMagmortar.png

1FlintsTyphlosion.png 1FlintsHoundoom.png 1FlintsRapidash.png 1FlintsLinoone.png 1CaptainsLopunny.png 1CaptainsJolteon.png 1CaptainsAmpharos.png 1CaptainsRaichu.png

1CaptainsKeckleon.png 1CaptainsAerodactyl.png GardeniasTurtwig.png GardeniasCherrim.png 1GardeniasLeafeon.png 1GardeniasRoserade.png 1GardeniasAmbipom.png 1GardeniasGallade.png 1LoreleisManaphy.png 1LoreleisMilotic.png

Some things I don't get about Pokemon

  • "Gee, I'm hungry..." (Maylene)... What the?? There IS no food/drink in Pokemon and even if there was, where would it go?? (Unless you had to go behind a tree... XD)
  • "Lucario laid an egg!"... OK, WTH? Seriously, only a few mammals lay eggs (echidnas and platypi)
  • "Wailord used Dive!"... Umm this is a stupid principle. Why don't the people drown? And how come you can use fire types underwater?
  • "Even though I've lost, I find myself with this silly grin!" (Bertha)... This is stupid too, there's only *ONE* emotion in the whole game: STRAIGHT-FACED.

Other things I've noticed:

  • Shadows under the character AT NIGHT!
  • Same shape for all Pokemon when surfing!
  • Why can't every place rain at the same time?
  • How come YOUR character can't talk? It ain't fair!!!
  • There's no way you can change your clothes (oooh SMELLY XD)
  • How do people have kids? :P
  • HOW COME no TWO characters are DIFFERENT?! This PO's me!

Ways you can die:

  • Lack of sleep
  • Not being able to go to the bathroom
  • Drowning/suffocating
  • Diseases due to lack of doctors (lol)
  • Hypothermia/Hyperthermia

I'm sure there's others, can't think of them ATM.


  • I WANT:


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