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Lucky Ash didn't get shot, or else we'd have a scene way too intense for youngsters... This page contains material that may not be suitable for young readers.
Viewer discretion is advised.

>:D I'm so evilllll!!!!!!



Émile Dakota Caldecutt Story stats:
Quote: "Live life to the fullest, accomplish what you can, no matter how hard it is or what the blocks in the road are."
Age: 31 (in the anime); 37 (in Stanford); 14 (in Radiant Ace), 29 (in SnazzyShipping)
Height/Weight: 5'9"/145 lbs.
Hometown: London, Littleroot Town, Veilstone City; Pewter City (in the summertime)
Ancestry: English, Irish, Scottish, German, Dutch, Canadian, French, etc.
Accent: mostly American, slightly Irish and German
Birthday: February 15, 1972
Nature: a mix of Jolly and Hasty
Zodiac: Aquarius 20px-Aquarius.svg.png / Rat 20px-Rat.svg.png
First appearence: Radiant Ace (chapter 1)
Stanford (chapter 21)
Youngest appearance in any story: Radiant Ace (chapter 1);
Also appeared in: Stanford chapter 21 -present (will never be removed) READ THIS THINGY HERE PLEASE
Relatives: Many, see below
Signature: 180px-%C3%89mile%27s_signature.PNG
As an IP officer:
Name on office door Émile Dakota Caldecutt, PhD., BSE, BAPSY
Sex Male
Came into office June 27, 1990
City Veilstone City
Job International Police investigator, officer, head of the Sinnoh subsidiary (but superior to Jake)
Rank Detective Investigator
Position 1st Grade Detective
Similar to Mac Taylor of CSI: NY


Image edited in Photoshop →

Hello hello... I'm Michelle! :D I've been quite busy lately... I'm a freshman in college. I love to write, write, write! Did I mention that I love to write? Yes, it's one of the few things other than Dr Pepper that I'm addicted to. I don't have very many friends, so if you have MSN or facebook, please ask, I'll be happy to add you. This is very odd, but I ♥♥♥ EVERY gym leader and Pokémon league member in Sinnoh! They are KICKASS! I could never narrow it down to any single person, though. I also like: Reggie, Barry, Palmer, Thorton (heh, reminds me of me if I was a smartass), James (funny hehe), TEAM GALACTIC!!!! Ash, stop ruining their plans!!! D':


  • Chuck Jones
  • Sacajawea
  • Mary, Queen of Scots
  • John Smith
  • Some famous lady from Jamestown (forgot her name...)

ONE OF MY PET PEEVES: When people don't speak with PROPER grammar. Ticks the shit out of me... -_-


My favourite subfields are:

  • Urology/Nephrology/Andrology
  • Infectious disease
  • Gastroenterology

My favourite subfields in biology:

  • Genetics
  • Ecology
  • Zoology/Ornithology
  • Evolution
  • Marine biology
  • Reproductive strategies (not really a subfield, but it is fascinating!)

Other sciences I like:

  • Geology/Geography
  • History
  • Forensics

Also, I am attempting to classify every Pokémon. So if you don't like this idea, then don't badger me about it. I could care less about your opinion(s). See here: User:WalloniaEagle/Classification

My team in Plat.:

I'm currently training, will be updated soon

I don't think Pokémon should be genderless. I mean, how the f*** are supposed to reproduce?

Contact me, links

My favourite TV shows

I hate TV, but this the show I ADORE:


Examples of my things

Want to see more? Read my fanfics!


He is my favourite Pokémon OC.


Chomp is part Garchomp and part Umbreon, but also part human. He was the head and body of a Garchomp, but he used to also the arms of a Garchomp but his hands appear to be like a human's (he lost this when he evolved again); his forehead has a yellow ring on it; he also has the tail of an Umbreon. His eyes are the same colour as Lucian's, and also has his appetite. He evolved from a Gible after repetitively biting Aaron's arms so many times and into a Garchomp when Lucian/Cynthia weren't around and with their kids.

Using Dragon Rush Move First Used In
Draco Meteor Unknown
Dragon Rush Unknown
Surf Unknown
Brick Break Unknown
Shadow Claw Unknown
Crunch Unknown
An x shows that the move cannot be legitimately known by this Pokémon in the games.
  Moves used recently are in bold unless all moves all fit this case.

Short bio of Émile

Émile Dakota Caldecutt, PhD., BSE., BAPSY.; known formally by his code name Looker and Radiant Ace by the gamblers at the Veilstone Game Corner. He was created by the Pokémon Company and is a figment of my imagination. He is a main character in the story, Stanford; first appearing in chapter 21. He is named after the famous French writer and critic whom used naturalism, Émile Zola or possibly Jean-Jacques Rousseau's novel, Émile: or, On Education. His name is pronounced ay-MEEL and it is the French form of Aemilius which is from Latin, meaning "rival".


  • PhD = Doctor in Philosophy, for law and to be a police officer
  • BSE = Bachelor of Science in Education, for fun
  • BAPSY = Bachelor of Arts or Science in Psychology, for psychology

"My boss Jake, compares my intelligence to Spencer Reid of Criminal Minds, I wonder why? Am I really that special? Heh, I guess I am. I suppose everyone is special. They just have to discover it themselves. I think it's wisdom, not knowledge that helps us guide us through the world. 'Instinct', I must say." - Émile, 2006

He is a bit of a romantic and is known for having some one-night stands with three different women (his cousin Mitternacht, Cynthia and a hooker; for the last one, he was forced to go along with it otherwise they would have figured out that he was a cop). Despite loving women, he had a short relationship with Rico (mainly because it was a dare).

He is fluent in English, German and French but is quite skilled in Japanese, Spanish, Russian, Romanian, Finnish, Norwegian, Swedish and Danish.

See more here

Pokémon that go with my fake profile

Dendro ♂
Émile's Dendro ♂

Toxicroak aka Dendro, is his first and one of his strongest Pokémon. Au contraire to Bulbapedia, his is not shiny, meaning that Stan's is. His strongest attack is Cross Chop.

Persian aka Precious, is his second and one of his main Pokémon. Her strongest attack is Shock Wave. She accidentally shocked Stan while Émile was battling Jasper.
Precious ♀
Sceptile aka Shaw is his fourth and one of his strongest. Émile bragged that he trained Shaw with flying and fire types for months. Shaw was able to keep himself for quite awhile while battling Stan's Skarmory/Fragmory. His strongest either Thunderpunch or Bullet Seed.
Shaw ♂
Astur ♂
Émile's Astur ♂

A REAL drawing of him here Staraptor, aka Astur is one of his strongest and most frequently used Pokémon; he is a shiny and differs because his bill is pure yellow instead of being tipped in blackish-brown. His strongest attack is either Brave Bird or Close Combat.

Chatty ♀
Émile's Chatty ♀

Chatot aka Chatty, is a Pokémon he saved from an old warehouse in which people were illegally eating Pokémon. See has a bad habit of saying ---. Her strongest attack is Heat Wave.

Bjork ♂
Émile's Bjork ♂

Leafeon or Bjork (can be read as Björk, too) is another Pokémon he saved from the same place as Chatty. His strongest attack is Giga Drain.

Luxio aka Cecilia is his most recent Pokemon. She is known as a reborn basically, (she was once a human). She is in love with another reborn named Jacob (a Jolteon) who was once her co-worker's son, but she hasn't noticed yet. Her strongest attack is either Ice Fang or Crunch.
Cecilia ♀

Fake family

But if you don't want to:

  • Siôr - his father
  • Samuel - his uncle
  • Gage - his brother
    • Gage's wife, Jadyn
  • Cassidy, only related to his son via blood
  • Stanford - his son
  • Marie - his daughter-in-law
  • Jade - his niece
  • Jasper - his grandson
  • Mitternacht (or Maykala; he had a one-night stand with her XD) - his cousin
  • Gaël - his uncle? (or Siôr's nephew)
  • Albin - same as above
  • Chad - cousin
  • Sheena - his cousin twice removed
  • NOTE: He is related to Cynthia because Siôr had a one-night stand with Carolina. Incest tends to run in the Caldecutt family, Émile in turn had a one-night stand with Cynthia when he was twenty-nine.

Examples of moves improved

These were thought up by Luca, used by her Floatzel:

  • Aqua Jet with Sonicboom: causes water to spray everywhere. Used in the battle against Erika.
  • Aqua Jet with Sonicboom plus Ice Fang: causes ice shards to fall. Used in the battle against Erika.
  • Water Pulse with Ice Fang: Causes a ball ice to be thrown at the oponent. Used in the battle against Erika.


  • Safeguard with Aromatherapy: Heels humans. Used to help heel Lucian after he was stabbed by Cyrus. Used by Thorton's Shaymin. The only caveat is that it causes side effects. It happened to Thorton himself.


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460.png This user's favorite Pokémon is Abomasnow.
452.png This user's favorite Pokémon is Drapion.
454.png This user's favorite Pokémon is Toxicroak.
457.png This user's favorite Pokémon is Lumineon.
430.png This user's favorite Pokémon is Honchkrow.
395.png This user's favorite Pokémon is Empoleon.
393.png This user's favorite Pokémon is Piplup.
398.png This user's favorite Pokémon is Staraptor.
None.png This user's favorite shipping is PearlShipping.

Awesome, this is really cute :D ♥

None.png This user's favorite shipping is SnazzyShipping.

♥♥♥ They marry, plus they are cute together ♥

None.png This user's favorite shipping is ObdurateShipping.

So cute

None.png This user's favorite shipping is PuzzleShipping.

They marry, plus they are cute together...

None.png This user's favorite shipping is ScortchShipping.

It's just cute/funny

None.png This user's favorite shipping is EliteUnderShipping.

They are half-brothers ^_^

None.png This user's favorite shipping is Lucian x Flint.

Has no name... but still awesome nonetheless

None.png This user's favorite shipping is SlushShipping.

They are just cute, they also marry XP

DP107 size.png This user's favorite shipping is 49erShipping.

Awww!! ♥ So cute

Spr Pt Flint.png This user's favorite shipping is IgnitionShipping.

They are cousins/best friends, calling each other brothers

Spr Pt Roark.png This user's favorite shipping is EnergyShipping.

Roarky is a best friend of Volkie and they call each other brothers

None.png This user's favorite shipping is ConjunctionShipping.

They marry XP

None.png This user's favorite shipping is SinfulShipping.

They are best friends

None.png This user's favorite shipping is JovianShipping.

They are cousins

None.png This user's favorite shipping is MolestShipping.

Because it's hilarious XD 8D

Pikahug.png This user's favorite shipping is PikaShipping.


LilBlue.png This user's favorite shipping is LilBlueShipping.


None.png This user's favorite shipping is LagomorphShipping.

♥ Awww....

None.png This user's favorite shipping is KrazyShipping.

So cute too!

None.png This user's favorite shipping is SignatureShipping.

Cynthia loves her Gabby (which is her name in my story)

Pokéringer DP.png This user's favorite shipping is Honchkrow x Staraptor.

I thought of it myself...

None.png This user's favorite shipping is Jupiter x Looker.

Same as above... shown in chapter 22 of Stanford ***.

  • I am revising Oriss Chronicles, so look out for it! :D
Revised chapter 1!!!
  • I may revise all of my Pokémon stories and replace "Pokemon" with "Pokémon". It looks better anyway.


Pokémon Ondo:



  • Stuff Stuff Stuff Stuff Stuff Stuff Stuff Stuff Stuff, did I mention Stuff?:

New names for characters

Hey you may not agree with me but these are the names of some of my characters (*cough* figments of my imagination...*cough*)...

Persons' Name in the anime Persons' new name given by me Pronunciation, if needed Origin or English equivalent/related names Nicknames
Saturn Stanford STAN-ferd From Old English meaning "stone ford"; Stan, Stanley Stan, Lil Bro/Cuz, Cass
Mars Marie mah-REE (German pron.) Czech and French form of Maria or Mary Maria, otherwise, she has none
Jupiter Jade JAYD Spanish (piedra de la) ijada meaning "(stone of the) flank" (people thought jade could cure colic); Giada, Jada, Jaida, Jayda or Jayde Big Sis/Cuz
Looker Émile ay-MEEL French form of Aemilius, which means rival; Emil, Emily (sorta) Dad, Dakota
Professor Rowan Siôr SHOR Welsh form of George, which in turn means "farmer", "earthworker"; Georg, Gina, Gigi, Jurgen, etc. Siôr
Charon Paul (this was before his name was changed) PAWL (English pron.) Paulus, which meant "small" or "humble" in Latin; Pablo, Paulie, Pauline, Paulette, Pavel, etc. Old Man Paul
Crasher Wake Ty TIE short form any names that start with "Ty"; Tyler, Tyson, Tyrone, Sid, etc. Ty

I have more... at least I think I do anyway... :S

Reasons: Who the **** names their kid CRASHER WAKE or SATURN?! *laughing*