Hi! I'm Wilson, I live in Jakarta and I'm fond of Pokemon. I love Pokemon cause, I think Satoshi Tajiri is very creative on creating these creatures. I also like the work art of Ken Sugimori and many other artists that draw Pokemon on both game and TCG.

My Favorite Pokemon

  • Persian- I love this Pokemon cause it helps me finding money, also it has quite high Speed stat. It also able to learn various types of moves.
  • Smeargle- this Pokemon can learn every single move! I love it! Especially it have the same hobby like me, painting!
  • Honchkrow- I don't know why I love this bird. Maybe it has a cool black fedora hat!
  • Typhlosion- This guy is so cool with heat bursting attacks!

My Pokemon

These are Pokemons that are active on my Pearl. They were fully trained by my self!

This is the ONLY tough pokemon in my Platinum. I'm a bit eager to transfer my old pokemons to my Platinum. So I keep it save on my Pearl.

This is my other active pokemon in Platinum, still weak. I've been spending too much time on the Battle Frontier, rather than train these Pokemons.