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Joined 14 September 2009
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About Me

I am a highschool student in Austin, TX, and I have been playing Pokémon on-and-off for about 10 years. My favorite generations were 2 & 3; probably because I am the most nostalgic about them.

As a Trainer

When training pokémon, I aim for diversity. Although I favor some types over others, nothing beats a balanced team. I generally prefer to use Steel, Dragon, Grass, Ice, Ghost, Dark, and Psychic.

Poison, Rock, and Ground are not my strong suits, but I still use them every once in a while.

Current Goals

  • Buy Sapphire, Emerald, Firered and Leafgreen
  • Level up all Pokémon I wish to use at the battle frontier
  • Beat Red in SoulSilver


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