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My name is Jake, though I tend to go by Unknownwarrior33 online. I discovered Bulbapedia shortly before the release of HeartGold and SoulSilver, having been led to it by my friends at Grinnell College. It is now my one-stop place for Pokemon information, and one of the few websites I visit daily.

I am an avid gamer, and one could call me a Nintendo fanboy (though I have non-Nintendo systems as well). My love of video games is well-known to all who know me, and Pokemon is one of my favorite series. I had a video game-themed radio show on Grinnell's radio station, KDIC, called "Press Start: Radio for Gamers," on which I frequently played Pokemon music. When I'm not gaming, I'm either in school, hanging out with friends (sometimes while gaming), or working on Cyber Heroes, my video game-based fantasy story series. If you're interested, go to and check it out.

Involvement with Pokemon

I've been involved in Pokemon since the very beginning, getting a copy of Red after my friends in elementary school convinced me of its awesomeness. From then on, I was hooked; I watched the anime, had a Pokemon Pikachu, saw all the movies, etc. Though my interest in the other things drifted off, my love of the video games was always solid. My love really peaked at Generation 2, by far my favorite. Even though my favorite Pokemon, Infernape, would not appear until Gen 4, Gen 2 was a huge deal. For the first time, new Pokemon! The games were greatly improved, and still amazingly fun. It wasn't long until I had all the spin-off games as well.

I did not mention the TCG yet, because I want to focus on it. When I collect things, I collect them hard. I was among the earliest collectors of the TCG, and I always had the best cards. From special Promos to Japanese cards, my friends at school were always in awe of my collection. It helped that a Japanese import toy store was in my local mall, but either way, I was the king. Like the anime and everything else other than the games, my interest in the TCG stopped after Expedition.

But then came the reprise: HeartGold and SoulSilver. As I mentioned, I loved Gen 2, and the news of remakes got me really, really excited. I started caring more about Pokemon as a whole. When me and my friends went to pick it up at midnight, one of them grabbed a HeartGold/SoulSilver boosteer pack. This inspired me to get back into the TCG, and I went in like a rocket. The anime came soon after, and before long, I'm a Pokemon fanatic again.

Major Contributions

Lately, TCPi has been releasing all sorts of value packs and tins for the TCG. I was disappointed to see that the new Legendary Beast tins were not up, and it became apparent that there was a lot of data missing for TCG collections. Today I've begun working on fixing that.


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