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Joined 3 December 2007

Welcome to my page, Bulbapedians!

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Ello, mates. I'm Umber. I enjoy watching Pokémon (duh), Futurama, Family Guy, Drawn Together, The Daily Show, and The Colbert Report.

Internet Communication/Forum Background

I started out communicating over the internet at 10, when I joined Neopets. I was banned for gracefully forgetting the "No advertising other sites" rule. However, before being banned, a friend, Jabbathejack, invited me over NM to a site which will be refered to as 'DP.' From there, I went to a place I'll call 'ED,' where I found out about 'CV,' though I rarely go there now, as with the others. My main focus is a spriting site for Fakemon, created by castiboy, called CS.

Pokémon I Wanna See/Make (or have made) by Mixing Junk Together

  • Sandstorm, fog, and Shadow Sky forms for Castform.
  • A pure Flying-type. C'mon, 493 Pokémon and not one pure Flying-type?
  • A third Pokémon to go with Plusle and Minun, this time with an equal/neutral theme (please tell me you saw this coming).
  • Evolutions for Weezing and Arbok (just an excuse for Team Rocket's old Pokémon to come back stronger).
  • An evolution for Spiritomb.
  • Unown in the form of numbers.
  • Adding to that, Unown prevos in the form of lowercase letters.
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