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About me
Hi there! I'm Soulweaver and you just landed on my user page. I'm currently 29 years old and live in Finland. I was around when the Pokémon fever took off, I saw the game overhaul in the third generation, and I also got to see the second generation games eventually being ascended to the legendary status by the fandom and then the release of their long waited remakes. I was among the first people to play Black and White in English, Black being the first game I had ever preordered, and Pokémon X was also the most important reason for me to ultimately obtain a 3DS XL. I've practically lived most of my life with Pokémon, and for my age, while it surely isn't exceptional, it isn't that usual to still be around either. I graduated from the upper secondary school in Spring 2010 and began studying in Tampere University of Technology later that year.
History on Bulbagarden

I started in Bulbagarden as a regular Bulbapedia reader but started contributing in 2007 when I created an account under the name UltimateSephiroth to add a description for the Gen II only item Brick Piece. I only truly became active starting in 2008 when I began to add Finnish episode names and upload fixed size Gold sprites. Shortly after I got my first and, to date, last editing block to Bulbapedia for moving multiple pages without administrator approval or common consensus. I learned my lesson for sure.

My peak editing activity was between November 2008 and January 2009, netting me two spots in the monthly top contributors lists. For some reason, I stopped editing actively a bit later; I've still had bursts of activity later on though. I also worked hard in the Bulbagarden Archives, and as such I was given the position of an administrator in October 2009. My activity has known to be quite fluctuating there as well. I was also the head of the somewhat obscure Project SpriteDex from November 2009 till October 2012.

I joined the forums shortly after my editing block, originally only to report an accessibility error for Bulbapedia. Eventually I delved into other sections and began posting a bit more, though. Most notably, I was around when the Trade Center was started up: I had one of the first trade shops there and I was also a rather active trader in general. Early in January 2010, just days after I won a copy of SoulSilver preorder from the forum skin contest among the various Christmas Contests held by Bulbagarden (with a skin that was never realized due to forum upgrade to vBulletin 4), I was asked if I wanted to join the staff over there. That's when I became a moderator in the Shop Subcenter. In March, I was promoted to moderate the whole Trade Center, and later I became a Super Moderator and the head of the that section as well. In 2012, I was also the head of The Land of the Rising Sun for a short while. In October 2012, I stepped down from my positions for personal reasons.

I changed my name from UltimateSephiroth to Soulweaver in December 2010 on the forums and in January 2014 in the wikispace.

In the past, I received these accolades on Bulbagarden's wikis:

SilverBulbasaur.png This user was awarded the Silver Bulbasaur Award for the month of December, 2008.
GoldenPorygon.png This user was awarded the Golden Porygon Award for the month of October, 2009.
Getting in touch
You can contact me via emailing to gm.and.gml.master at or ultimate.sephiroth at, sending a message to my talk page here, or poking Shizuru/Sumika/whatever nick I'm currently using on Bulbagarden's IRC channel. Please write in English, Finnish, Swedish or German, as these are the languages I can communicate with.

Soulweaver in Bulbagarden