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Joined 26 May 2009

About Myself

Hello, I'm Tye King (タイ国王) and a big fan of Pokemon, I've first got into it when my mum got me Pokémon blue for my birthday when I was 6. I'm a 13 year old guy, and I live in England. I had one game from every generation so far. I'm not a big fan of the anime now because it fall into the same plot every time, I love the movies though there the only good thing about the anime series.

I'm a big fan of alot of things, most of them are from Nintendo or Japan. I love things that are Kawaii, so I try to draw that way to. I mostly draw in chibi style because I suck at anatomy. I love the game series Animal Crossing to, and dress my character in cute clothes and sometimes I put him in cosplay outfits.

some of my favorite animes include Lucky ☆ Star, Higurashi no Naku Koro ni, Hetalia: Axis Powers and Sailor Moon.


My team will often win over cuteness that power, I realy do judge Pokémon on there looks rather then there power, to be honest I don't even get EVs.

Favorite Pokémon

Hated Pokémon

  • Geodude, its a rock with arms, enough said.
  • Bidoof, it's just annoying, agreed?

Loved Characters

  • Dawn, Dawn is just the meaning of awesome in a short skirt.
  • Damion, Damion is the most hyper character Pokémon thats why!
  • Heart, Heart is just adorable. She's our country lass. ♥
  • Misty, the ear pull thing that she done to Brock, priceless!

Hated Characters