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The first time a character appears, their voice actor must be reliably sourced. Generally, if a character is making a second or greater appearance, you can assume that their voice actor is the same as their last known voice actor if there is no reason to think otherwise. If you believe a character has a new voice actor, it should be discussed on the talk page for the episode or character. If a character has had more than one voice actor, you can make reasonable deductions (such as, only X was named in the credits) about who it is in a given episode; if editors disagree, they should try to reach a consensus, but if that fails, a reliable source may be the only option.

There are no strict "requirements" for why a character's voice actor may be doubted to be the same as in previous appearances. If a clear majority of editors agree that there is sufficient reason for doubt, the old voice actor should not be credited for that episode. If a clear majority believe that the voice actor has not changed, the old voice actor should be credited, until a reliable source can be found saying either the old voice actor did not do that episode or that a new voice actor did.


When crediting a voice actor for a given role, that credit must be reliably verifiable.

The most common source for a voice actor's role will usually be a credits list in the episode. Sometimes credits may also be found on an official site or other reliable publication (like a TV Guide) covering the episode. If the credits list directly associates a voice actor with their role (like "Meowth: Nathan Price"), then that is a good source. If the credits list only lists voice actors, and no roles (as the English anime broadcasts usually do), then this is a bad source: it cannot be used to reliably tell who voiced what roles. Even if you think you can attribute every voice actor but one to a known role, this "process of elimination" may still leave some holes, and a better source is required.

The next best source is often directly from the actor: things like their official website or Twitter. Other people who know or worked with the voice actor may also be reliable sources, especially anyone who worked on the same episode if possible.

Occasionally, something may suggest that a voice actor played a certain role (for example: the show's voice director referencing a "sea captain" when tagging Edward Bosco). You may add this as a tentative credit, but please explicitly include as much explanation as possible alongside it. For example, on Drake's page: Edward Bosco (presumed<ref> A tweet from [[Lisa Ortiz]] (voice director for the anime since [[XY094]]), tagging [[Edward Bosco]] and saying "Show me ur best sea captain!"</ref>). If the circumstances described are considered too tenuous, the credit will be removed.

Publicly editable sites like IMDB or Behind The Voice Actors are not reliable, unless the credit is somehow associated with a more reliable source (such as a tweet from the actor), in which case that should be cited instead.

Guessing a voice actor "by ear"—because a role "sounds like" the voice actor—is not a reliable source. This is simply much too subjective; a better source is required.

Ongoing Pokémon roles

While the Japanese cast often changes voice actors for the same Pokémon species (such as [???]), the English dub generally uses the same voice actor for the same species, until they may decide to recast the Pokémon (such as [???]). For the English anime, then, as long as a Pokémon's previously known voice actor appears in the credits, you are allowed to assume that they are still voicing it and add their credit.

Citing credits

All credits should have a citation?