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User:Tiddlywinks/Pokémon Refresh care

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Causes for specific care stuff in Pokémon Refresh. And related notes. Intended to be a complete list eventually. (Please feel free to edit.)

Moves that require subsequent care

I'm not sure if there's any move with a difference between using it and being hit by it, but for now we can just assume that either implies the other.

Move/Other Comb Brush Towel Dryer
Acid Downpour
Darkest Lariat
Fury Attack
Ice Beam
Icicle Spear
Mud Sport
Rain (weather)
Sand Attack
Sandstorm (weather)
Sludge Bomb
Sludge Wave
Tectonic Rage
Water Gun
Water Pulse

Moves that sometimes require care

Move/Other Comb Brush Towel Dryer
Rock Blast

Care exceptions or notes

  • Comb: Only for Pokémon with fur or feathers.
  • Brush
  • Towel
  • Dryer: Many Water-type Pokemon.
  • Medicine?

Weather's care effects appear to be nullified by Safety Goggles. May also want to check Abilities that neutralize weather, like Sand Veil and Magic Guard (refer to Weather#Activated Abilities).

  • Can the same "maybe, maybe not" thing happen with Water Gun for any Pokemon, of any type?
  • I've generally thought that moves like Mud Sport and Rototiller always need care afterwards; is this true? Are there just certain moves that sometimes need care and certain moves that always need it?
  • I've been thinking of combing as a sort of default effect... This probably means that any move that can cause combing effects should likewise specifically be marked for that, and some just may have a low rate.