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Gen II Mystery Gift documentation is damned weird. Start with the fact that the list of Mystery Gift items—and their rarities as recorded on BP—doesn't at all line up with the listed Mystery Gift decorations. Add to that, Geodude Doll and Big Lapras Doll apparently aren't in the decorations list, and Pikachu Doll and Charmander Doll are (when they should be gifts from Mom).

Then there's apparently a whole, very weird limitation on which gifts a player can send depending on their Trainer ID number, which sadly has never been reported (here at least). Each player can apparently only send half of the common and uncommon gifts and only one rare and very rare gift (depending on bits in their Trainer ID).

I'd like to try to experiment with the VC games and see if I can support some of these mechanics experimentally. The decorations mismatch is definitely the very weirdest thing, and may well be the hardest to prove out, since you can only receive each decoration once.

Generation II

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Can Mystery Gift be activated on the Game Boy Player?.

In Generation II, Mystery Gift uses infrared communication to connect with other Mystery Gift-enabled games and send and receive room decorations or items to and from other players. Compatible games include Pokémon Stadium 2 and Pokémon Pikachu 2 GS. Mystery Gift can be used up to five times each day and can only receive one gift from the same player each day.

To activate Mystery Gift in the Generation II games, the player must be using a Game Boy Color, Game Boy Advance, or Nintendo 3DS (via Virtual Console) system and talk to the girl in green on the fifth floor of the Goldenrod Department Store. When the game is saved, the option to use Mystery Gift will be available on the main menu. While Mystery Gift can be activated on a Game Boy Advance system, it cannot be used on one due to the lack of an infrared port.

When two core series games connect through Mystery Gift, they each send a random item or decoration for the other game's player to receive, as well as their Trainer data for the Trainer House. If Pokémon Stadium 2 or Pokémon Pikachu 2 GS connect to a core series game through Mystery Gift, they cannot receive any data. Pokémon Stadium 2 will send a random item or decoration, which can include a few decorations unique to Stadium 2; it will also send data for Carrie for the Trainer House. Pokémon Pikachu 2 GS will send an item depending on how many Watts the player decides to transfer from the device.

Mystery Gifts can be received at any Pokémon Center, from an NPC behind the leftmost counter on the second floor.


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The following items are obtainable randomly by Mystery Gift.

Common Uncommon Rare Very rare
Berry Jigglypuff Doll MiracleBerry Water Stone HP Up
PRZCureBerry Poliwag Doll Gold Berry Fire Stone PP Up
Mint Berry Diglett Doll Revive Leaf Stone Big Lapras Doll
Ice Berry Staryu Doll Great Ball Thunderstone Surf Pikachu Doll
Burnt Berry Magikarp Doll Super Repel Max Ether Pikachu BedStad2
PSNCureBerry Oddish Doll Max Repel Max Elixer Unown DollStad2
Guard Spec. Gengar Doll Elixer Max Revive Tentacool DollStad2
X Attack Shellder Doll Ether Scope Lens
X Defend Grimer Doll MagnaPlant Red Carpet
Bitter Berry Voltorb Doll TropicPlant Blue Carpet
Dire Hit Clefairy Poster NES Yellow Carpet
X Special Jigglypuff Poster Nintendo 64 Green Carpet
X Accuracy Super NES Bulbasaur Doll JumboPlant
Eon Mail Weedle Doll Squirtle Doll Virtual Boy
Morph Mail Geodude Doll Pink Bed Big Onix Doll
Music Mail Machop Doll Polkadot Bed Pikachu Poster
Stad2 means that the item can only be obtained from Pokémon Stadium 2.

In Pokémon Pikachu 2 GS

The following is a list of items obtainable in Pokémon Pikachu 2 GS and their cost in Watts.

Item Watts
Eon Mail 50
Berry 100
Bitter Berry 200
Great Ball 300
Max Repel 400
Ether 500
MiracleBerry 600
Gold Berry 700
Elixer 800
Revive 900
Rare Candy 999