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This is a list of Trainers who appear in the Battle Maison and Battle Institute battle facilities in Generation VI. This page explains which Pokémon different Trainers will choose from among that list, as well as other details related to the Trainer.

Trainer Pokémon

Main article: List of Battle Maison Pokémon

All Pokémon used in the Battle Maison and Battle Institute come from a large list of battle area Pokémon. A Trainer's roster is made up of a select number of Pokémon from this list, generally falling into definable groups. Some groups are definable by correlation when multiple Trainers have the exact same group, and some are definable by inherent characteristics of the Pokémon, such as type or compatible strategies (synergistic moves, Abilities, or held items).

Every species in the list of battle area Pokémon also has either two or four sets. Those species used by Trainers in normal challenges at the Battle Maison have two, while those used in Super challenges have four. Pokémon with different sets have different moves, Nature, held item, and effort value spread. More advanced Trainers generally use "higher" sets.

Trainer tiers

These Trainers are broken up into different tiers. The tier of a Trainer determines when they may be encountered during a Battle Maison or Battle Institute challenge and the individual values of their Pokémon. The move sets used by a Trainer are also closely related to the tier.

In the Battle Maison, the tier of a Trainer determines when they are encountered during the player's win streak. As the player's streak advances, Trainers of higher tiers will appear with more frequency.

Normal challenge battles: 1...5 6...10 11...15 16...19 Normal IVs Super IVs
Tier I: All 3 All 19
Tier II: All 3 All 19
Tier III: All 7 All 23
Tier IV: All 11 All 27
Tier V: All 15 All 31
Tier VI: All 31
Super challenge battles: 1...10 11...20 21...30 31...40 41...

In the Battle Institute, the first battle will always be against a Trainer from a Normal challenge tier, and subsequent battles will be against Trainers from increasing Super challenge tiers.

Normal challenge Trainers at the Battle Maison

Super challenge Trainers at the Battle Maison

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