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Bulbapedia is a collaborative project: in short, it is made by people working together for a common goal. Therefore, it is of the utmost importance that users interact with users in a friendly and positive manner. Assuming Good Faith means always taking other peoples motives and actions into consideration. Not everyone has read (and/or understood) the manual after all. As Bulbapedians, it is our duty to create a complete Pokémon encyclopedia, and to do so in a such a manner that people would like to stay and help out.

About Good Faith

Everyone makes mistakes, even the "veteran" members who've been around since the dawn of time. Newcomers are often targeted for making mistakes, such as content errors (e.g. supplying information about unaired episodes) or behavioral errors (such as personal attacks), but this is often because they do not know how a collaborative project works. Friendly and concise messages, as opposed to more personal attacks, can help.

For example: which would be more appropriate?

  • Hi, and welcome to Bulbapedia. You may not be aware of our policy on editing in the userspace. This is limited to three times a day, per user, as to not overwhelm the capacities of our server. If you wish to continue changing your User page, in future please use the "Show Preview" button next to the "Save Page" button. Thank you, ~~~~



The second example is editing in bad faith. This can lead to stress, incivility, and tension all around the 'pedia. Please try and keep your cool when dealing with editors you consider to be in the wrong. Help them find their feet — we were all new once.

Dealing with Bad Faith

Unfortunately, bad faith may still occur. Assumptions may be made that show people in a negative light. Bad faith breeds like a pair of Magikarp, so if someone deals you a round of bad faith, respond with good faith and be the bigger person. If they persist, that is the time to bring it to a third party and get it sorted out as quickly and stress-free as possible.

So assume good faith in the best interests of ourselves and our Pokémon Encyclopedia.