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Joined 31 March 2010


Aaron Wood, also known as TheWoodler, was born in Lee's Summit, Missouri, USA in late July of 1988. Ever since the year 1998, when he first got his hands on Pokémon Blue, he has had a passion for everything Pokémon: games, shows, cards, manga, you name it! However, as time wore on he began to lose interest in anything but the video game aspects of Pokémon, yet still plays them religiously.

Training Style

TheWoodler loves Water-type Pokémon. He always chooses the Water-type starter in every game that he plays, (yes, you heard correctly, he likes Mudkip ) and recently began to take a more realistic approach to training. Having beaten all of the games in the usual manner of grinding several Pokémon at once in order to make a nigh-invincible team, he decided to look at it as though Pokémon were real. Thus, he caught very few pokemon, and only uses one in battle: his trusty Feraligatr, Abysson.