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#0 CP10 GO001 s.png  Grass / Poison  Vine Whip 7
6.9 kg (15.21 lbs) Sludge Bomb 80
Bulbasaur 0.7 m (2'3") Seed Bomb 55

The {{{wt}}} and {{{ht}}} values will be converted to the US units, and they will be written in the parentheses. Before you use this template, take some of your time to use this converter.

To place this template, copy this text:

{{User:TheICTLiker4/Template:GO Strongest|rank=|CP=|dex=|pkmn=|nick=|lucky=|shadow=|purified=|type1=|type2=|at1=|an1=|ap1=|at2=|an2=|ap2=|3rdattack=|at3=|an3=|ap3=|ht=|wt=|gender=}}

Then, place the values inside of variables. The values lucky, shadow, purified, type2, 3rdattack, at3, an3, ap3 are all optional. The values 3rdattack, at3, an3, ap3 must be used together if either one is used. The values lucky, shadow are NOT used together because Shadow Pokémon cannot be traded until purified.

Last two things of all:

  1. Do not use subst: on this template.
  2. Variable explanation:

|rank=The digit indicating the rank.

|CP=the CP of the Pokémon.

|dex=The Pokédex number of the Pokémon, with a respective suffix, see here to find the desired suffix.

|pkmn=The name of the species.

|nick=The nickname.

|lucky=true if it's a Lucky Pokémon.

|shadow=true if it's a Shadow Pokémon.

|purified=true if it was a Shadow Pokémon, but was purified.

|type1=The primary type.

|type2=The secondary type.

|at1=The type of the Fast Attack.

|an1=The name of the Fast Attack.

|ap1=The power of the Fast Attack.

|at2=The type of the Charged Attack.

|an2=The name of the Charged Attack.

|ap2=The power of the Charged Attack.

|3rdattack=true if the Pokémon has a second Charged Attack.

|at3=The type of the second Charged Attack.

|an3=The name of the second Charged Attack.

|ap3=The power of the second Charged Attack.

|ht=Height in metres.

|wt=Weight in kilograms.

|gender=M if male, F if female. Any other value will result in the Pokémon being genderless.