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Many of the articles on this site, particularly the episode summaries, contain such travesties of grammar and wording as I have never before seen in my life. Therefore, I have taken it upon myself to correct said travesties whenever I am feeling particularly generous. Perhaps, with my help, this site will no longer appear to have been written by a group of three-year olds.

Examples of Travesty

The following list contains some of the worst offenses against the English language that I have been forced to correct.

  • "Whitney has a Igglybuff"
  • "They also possess some gemstones on their bodies which apparently rise up from inside it's body. They presumably fall out and is apparently the by-product of its crystal and mineral diet."
  • "A few minutes later Red is in front of the majestic S.S. Anne, decided to get in, he creeps inside unnoticed."
  • "Since the thief acts around the same time every month and the fact that is needed a huge transport to carry all the Pokémon..."

More are coming, I am sure.

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