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Current Status: Active, but if I'm gone for a while, it's most likely school.



BW team

025.png 519.png 520.png 501.png 498.png 495.png
Pikachu Pidove → Tranquill Oshawott Tepig Snivy
Egg.png 559.png 540.png 541.png 536.png 524.png
Egg → Scraggy Sewaddle → Swadloon Palpitoad Roggenrola

He has three "spares" now. Weird, yet interesting. I'd like to see what he'd do to them, especially Palpitoad since he already has a Water-type (and a Rock-type, which is very related to Ground). Maybe a trade..or not. He might just use them in the league instead of calling on Pokémon he caught in previous journeys.


025.png 536.png 537.png 524.png 525.png 526.png
Pikachu Palpitoad → Seismitoad Roggenrola → Boldore → Gigalith
519.png 520.png Spr 5b 521 f.png 501.png 502.png 503.png
Pidove → Tranquill→ Unfezant Oshawott → Dewott → Samurott
498.png 499.png 500.png 495.png 496.png 497.png
Tepig → Pignite → Emboar Snivy → Servine → Serperior
Egg.png 559.png 560.png 540.png 541.png 542.png
Egg → Scraggy → Scrafty Sewaddle → Swadloon → Leavanny

Normally, I wouldn't predict all but Pikachu evolving, but it's just weird for them not to evolve to their final stages this time around. Hopefully, they add some interesting stories to them, like Gigalith being out of control perhaps.

DP team

025.png 396.png 397.png 398.png 418.png 207.png 472.png
Pikachu Starly → Starvia → Staraptor Buizel Gligar → Gliscor
387.png 388.png 389.png 390.png 391.png 392.png 443.png
Turtwig → Grotle → Torterra Chimchar → Monferno → Infernape Gible

I seriously think Ash had very good Pokémon in DP, which I feel could only be matched by his Pokémon from Kanto. His party in Johto was generally boring until the Suzuran Conference, in which Cyndaquil evolved and several gained new moves, most notably Noctowl and Heracross. His Hoenn party was fine, but the lack of evolutions (Torkoal and Corphish) did not appeal to me. I really like Sceptile though.

In DP, they really showed what evolution could do, especially with Torterra, who, sadly, needed better moves since it lost quite too much since its first evolution. What really made me really like Ash's DP team was how much each of Ash's new Pokémon was focused on. Staraptor, to the end, was quite a powerful battler. Torterra's struggles were seen after its evolution while Gliscor's were prior to its evolution. It then left for training to further improve its skills. Thankfully, it made it's return in the Suzuran Conference. It didn't end up like Primeape like many thought it would. I hope they do the same for Ambipom. Buizel has its tough attitude and its soft exterior, as well as Ice Aqua Jet and Ice Punch. Who knew a Buizel could be like that, given its physical appearance and its appearance in the ninth movie. Chimchar was originally owned by Paul. In a twist, it was released and it joined Ash's team. Even as it evolved into Monferno and Infernape, it was not able to control Blaze until Ash's battle with Volkner. It then had an epic battle against Paul's Pokémon in the conference. Ash's final DP Pokémon, Gible, knows the powerful Draco Meteor, but was not able to master it until later on. I still hope it evolves though, even if it did not follow the way Glalie evolved (mastering Ice Beam). While Pikachu had it's share of stories (Thunder Stone, several Electivire), it was not as focused on as it previously was. It did not even learn a new move during the series. Hopefully, there focus on it again, in addition to Ash's new and old Pokémon.


Current team

610.png 529.png 530.png 587.png
Axew Drilbur → Excadrill Emolga


My prediction on Excadrill having history as a Drilbur was correct. Other than that, no clue on what they could get soon... for now.


Current team

511.png 557.png 618.png
Pansage Dwebble Stunfisk

Of all Pokémon, why Stunfisk?!


Current team

495.png 496.png 520.png 592.png 608.png 582.png 532.png
Snivy → Servine Tranquill Frillish Lampent Vanillite Timburr


Rather simple prediction for now: all evolve to their final stages, and Trip catches more Pokémon, much like Ash. Sorry, feeling kinda lazy :D

Jessie and James

Current team



527.png 528.png
Woobat → Swoobat

Since it's Jessie's, Woobat will surely evolve, and, since its evolution would be weird to have around, Yamask would most probably not evolve.

Hopefully their previous Pokémon return for some time, especially Wobbuffet. Mime Jr. just disappeared during the last episodes. I also hope they loosen up again... more at the least.

DP team

202.png 336.png 193.png 469.png
Wobbuffet Seviper Yanma → Yanmega
439.png 455.png
Mime Jr. Carnivine

Wobbuffet retained its role of popping out and shouting its name. Seviper remained Jessie's battler. Dustox was released similar to Ash's Butterfree. It was both sad and beautiful. Who knew Jessie had that kind of history. I really think Yanmega is one of the better new evolutions in Generation IV, and it was really nice of them to give one to Jessie.

Cacnea was given to Gardenia for training. What happened to it though? Mime Jr. barely appeared. It wasn't like Chimecho as many thought. I wonder who'll replace it and how it will leave. Carnivine was basically the new Cacnea. How will history repeat itself for this guy?

Given their new positions and change in clothing, Team Rocket should have a increase in their role and an improvement with their Pokémon. Give them something new. For DP, they just gave replacements for their AG parties. It was really awesome that they allowed Jessie to participate in Contests fairly this time. Sadly, she quit after Dawn lost in the Grand Festival. They should give the trio more side quests like this more often.



DP team

393.png 427.png 417.png
Piplup Buneary Pachirisu
220.png 221.png 473.png
Swinub → Piloswine → Mamoswine
Egg.png 155.png 468.png
Egg → Cyndaquil Togekiss

Dawn has an interesting set of Pokémon: they're mainly cute. It was really nice of them to make Pikachu share the spotlight for once by sharing it with Piplup. Buneary was given Ice Beam and a crush on Pikachu. Hopefully, it never evolves, even when Dawn appears again. It would just seem so wrong that it would either still flirt with Pikachu or it has moved on when it does. They also gave her the Generation IV Pikachu: Pachirisu, who's pretty much like a baby. It can still pack a punch though. They also gave her a Charizard of her own. Mamoswine was disobedient but also powerful. The writers were smart though in not making it stay disobedient as a Piloswine. It would have been like lingering in Generation II for far too long. However, I seriously think they gave her Togekiss since they wanted Dawn to have six Pokémon and they wanted to make Togekiss special as a homeage to Misty. It wasn't developed much though. Just one episode: the one after its debut. After the Grand festival, we barely get to see Dawn's Pokémon anymore, except for Piplup. They should work on that next time. Otherwise, they should give Iris great Pokémon to distract people from her hair, which practially makes up most of her body.


DP team

438.png 185.png 453.png
Bonsly → Sudowoodo Croagunk
Egg.png 440.png 113.png
Egg → Happiny → Chansey

It's so sad that Sudowoodo wasn't focused on much after its evolution. They could have worked on its relationship with Brock or Happiny. Croagunk was a very creative idea. They didn't have Dawn pull Brock's ears. Instead, Croagunk Poison Jabs it. It then had its rivalry with Saturn's Toxicroak. While it ended a little suddenly, it was still nice. I'll definitely miss it. Lastly, there's Chansey, who evolved as I predicted it would. They really did a lot of comic relief by giving it superstrength. Did it retain its charms as a Happiny though?

I'll definitely miss Brock. While his antics became boring and his role dramatically decreased (just look at the number of Pokémon he got in DP), he's just so hard to forget. I'm sure people will miss him too, like they way they missed Misty. I doubt all those fans liked her that much before she left.


DP Pokémon

387.png 388.png 389.png 239.png 125.png 466.png 217.png
Turtwig → Grotle → Torterra Elekid → Electabuzz → Electivire Ursaring
461.png 198.png 430.png 472.png 126.png 467.png 297.png
Weavile Murkrow → Honchkrow Gliscor Magmar → Magmortar Hariyama
034.png 305.png 306.png 423E.png 452.png 291.png 478.png
Nidoking Lairon → Aggron Gastrodon Drapion Ninjask Froslass

Paul was essentially one of the best things they added to DP. He's mean, he's a jerk, and his methods are completely different from Ash's. His Pokémon are also completely unpredictable. He starts off with Chimchar, who many assume was his starter, and Elekid. Given these, many assume he's a beginner. It turns out his starter was now a Torterra. He also gains all these other Pokémon and released Chimchar, replacing it with Magmortar. Electivire then has this rivalry with Ash's Pikachu and Infernape. Pikachu never defeated it while Infernape managed to do so in Ash and Paul's final match. In the end, he doesn't really change like most characters Ash meets. I guess he respects Ash now, but he won't exactly change completely.


DP team

406.png 315.png 407.png
Budew → Roselia → Roserade
192.png 402.png 334.png
Sunflora Kricketune Altaria
401.png 428.png 348.png
Kricketot Lopunny Armaldo

In competitive battling, many fans would say that his Pokémon are either weak or outclassed. However, Nando manages to show the possible strength of his Pokémon, especially Kricketune, who had two epic battles. Sadly, the guy lost in both the Grand Festival and in the Suzuran Conference. He should have had a better ending, like Kenny had.


DP team

431.png 200.png 429.png Spr 4d 422.png 423.png
Glameow Misdreavus → Mismagius Shellos → Gastrodon
456.png 457.png 281.png 475.png 470.png
Finneon → Lumineon Kirlia → Gallade Leafeon

She's a cool character. She's great in Contests, but she manages to be a good friend of Dawn's. She's like a very kinder version of Drew. I like her taste in Pokémon, and thankfully, her Glameow did not evolve. I hope it never does.


DP team

393.png 394.png 395.png 065.png
Piplup → Prinplup → Empoleon Alakazam
286.png 067.png 419.png
Breloom Machoke Floatzel

Not exactly the best character in DP or the best rival. Not exactly the best in Contests too. It would have been nice if Ambipom won the last Contest it entered, but Kenny ruined it. Happy for him, he has a good ending with Dawn.


DP team

444.png 311.png 312.png
Gabite Plusle Minun
413G.png 133.png 134.png
Wormadam Eevee → Vaporeon
039.png 133.png 136.png
Jigglypuff Eevee → Flareon

She's a last minute addition to Dawn's list of rivals. I think she was made to show of Contest combinations, especially Dawn's Flame Ice and Ice Chandelier, both of which she lost to. I like her though, and she's not really like Harley in terms of personality.


DP team

393.png 394.png 395.png 407.png
Piplup → Prinplup → Empoleon Roserade
398.png 214.png 227.png 106.png
Staraptor Heracross Skarmory Hitmonlee

Surprisingly, they gave him Skarmory and Hitmonlee instead of Snorlax and Rapidash. Skarmory may have been because they wanted to show Spikes and Toxic Spikes in the tournament and those two and Stealth Rock in the same series. It's also possibly because of HGSS. Hitmonlee, like Snorlax and Rapidash, is one of the original 151. It's type is the weakness of Snorlax's and it has Blaze Kick, which is the same type as Rapidash.

Barry was given a personality quite similar to the was he is in the games. He's in a rush and he fines people. Additionally, he's also a good friend and a contender as Ash's rival.


DP team

199.png 214.png 306.png
Slowking Heracross Aggron
213.png 463.png 477.png
Shuckle Lickilicky Dusknoir

The counterpart of Ursula, a fellow last minute addition. I guess they lacked people in the conference. For a guy based on the Super Nerds, the guy likes bulky Pokémon. He also likes Dawn and he's creepy sometimes. I wonder how his creator thinks.


DP team

445 f.png 423.png
Garchomp Gastrodon

I was hoping that Ash would win so he could face her. For a Champion, she wasn't shown in battle often. She's my favorite Champion though. She's unique from the rest and it's not because of her gender. She's very involved in the story, both in the games and in the anime. She also has a mysterious look, but she's a kind person. I really wanted to see more of her.