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This is my Generation II Fakemon List, with Pokémon from Arcadia and Lamunn.

Note: This list is incomplete.

Name Type Evolves
Phylleon Grass None Armoleon
Armoleon Grass Phylleon Teraleon
Teraleon Grass/Flying Armoleon None
Drilaze Fire None Flaraze
Flaraze Fire Drilaze Volcaze
Volcaze Fire/Rock Flaraze None
Crabion Water None Scorble
Scorble Water Crabion Scorbyss
Scorbyss Water/Ice Scorble None
Thorrel Normal None Friflirrel
Friflirrel Normal/Flying Thorrel None
Loveby Normal/Flying None Vicrowst
Vicrowst Normal/Flying Loveby Peacrys
Peacrys Normal/Flying Vicrowst None
Strawhip Grass None Strawer
Strawer Grass Strawhip None
Globomb Steel/Electric None Globurst
Globurst Steel/Electric Globomb None
Anthinse Bug None Mothinse
Mothinse Bug/Ground Anthinse Mothkane
Mothkane Bug/Ground Mothinse None
Moick Water/Flying None Moiqua
Moiqua Water/Flying Moick Swaqua
Swaqua Water/Flying Moiqua None
Esburt Fire None Faburt
Faburt Fire Esburt None
Espanther Psychic None Psythesp
Psythesp Psychic Espanther None
Medust Ground/Dark None Medubra
Medubra Ground/Dark Medust None
Oozip Poison None None
Teleold Water/Steel None Teciold
Teciold Water/Steel Teleold None
Mander Electric None Thundrill
Thundrill Electric Mander None
Sefibir Fire/Water None Stofibir
Stofibir Fire/Water Sefibir None
Delpaca Ground None Alpasert
Alpasert Ground Delpaca None
Giresperix Normal/Psychic None Girafarig
Meerkluit Ice None Meerkaval
Meerkaval Ice/Fighting Meerkluit None
Dittrel Normal Ditto None
Rainbloss Grass/Flying None None
Grynesis Psychic None Grychic
Grychic Psychic Grynesis Grykin
Grykin Psychic/Dragon Grychic None
Metasm Ghost/Steel None None
Swotooger Rock None Swotoogle
Swotoogle Rock Swotooger None
Diplorang Rock/Water None Diploster
Diploster Rock/Water Diplorang None
Halloyaze Grass/Dark Hallud None
Insezoo Poison/Bug None Midezoo
Midezoo Poison/Bug Insezoo Reinezoo
Reinezoo Poison/Bug Midezoo None
Telerkony Psychic None None
Telepatra Psychic None None
Mighttal Steel None Smettish
Smettish Steel Mighttal None
Shirefly Bug/Fire None Lasefly
Lasefly Bug/Fire Shirefly None
Lickibbon Normal None Lickitung
Penfouea Ice None None
Aeroctyl Rock/Flying None Aerodactyl
Vipelisk Poison/Dark Seviper None
Geniamp Psychic None Jinnie
Jinnie Psychic Geniamp None
Grorc Grass/Dark None Wildorc
Wildorc Grass/Dark Grorc None
Draglet Dragon None Draglide
Draglide Dragon Draglet Draglaerid
Draglaerid Dragon/Flying Draglide None
Zeolic Psychic/Flying None None
Lonzap Electric None None
Erupidh Fire None None
Leviagoon Water None None
Obsidon Dark/Psychic None None
Fluonix Ice/Psychic None None
Wyvertz Dragon/Psychic None None
Selunoir Psychic None None