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Let's see, my username is Taigaa-tono, which I expect you to know by now, but I have gone by many names including Amira and my real name Sarah. I'm the second of a pair of identical twins and I'm currently engaged to the most wonderful man ever. I like manga, anime, and video games (especially the God of War series) and I'm an avid practitioner of Nito Kendo. Isn't it great? Not only am I a giant nerd, but I can also kick butt! For a short period (about a year and a half) I studied Simulation and Game Development in a community college and majored in the programming side. Unfortunately, I decided this was not a good fit for me and am currently in the process of trying to determine what I'm going to do. Luckily, however, I was in the program long enough to get an understanding of coding, which I find quite fascinating. Furthermore, my time in the curriculum has caused my brain to always think about the mechanics of games while playing them.

Contributions and History

There's not much to say here, because I only recently created an account, but I have been here for a few weeks and have lurked even longer. My first edit was an embarrassing mistake involving a Shinx, luckily the user who corrected me was kind and understanding leading me to feel more comfortable being here since I'm usually terribly shy.

Since I recently started watching the movies and series all over again, as well as started playing Diamond and Platinum, I've taken it upon myself to add any errors or trivia in the anime and movies, and make grammatical changes on any Pokémon pages that I'm viewing while playing the games. I try to add as much as I can, because I adore trivia and errors are very amusing to me, so I hope I can pass on my love and amusement to someone else. Sappy, right? Yeah, well... That's me; sometimes.