User:TZ222/Fantasy Leader Tyler

Fantasy leader Tyler is a 11 year old kid from Hoenn who appears in Canalave City.

His favorite type is Flying.

His pokemon are: Swellow Pidgey Noctowl Togetic Staraptor Blaziken Tyranitar (Shiny) Sudowoodo Charmeleon Bayleef Seadra

After you defeat Byron he chalenges you to a battle

He uses Swellow, Noctowl, Togetic, Staraptor, Blaziken, and Shiny Tyranitar.

When you win the battle he gives you a Togepi egg.

Trades: He gives you Sudowoodo for a Mr. Mime

He gives you Seedra for Prinplup, Monferno, or Grotle.

He will Challenge you to battles throughout the game.

Please see User:TZ222/Agori regin