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  Trainer classes found in Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum  
Ace TrainerArcade Star*Aroma LadyBattle GirlBeautyBelle & PaBird KeeperBlack BeltBug Catcher
CameramanCamperCastle Valet*ChampionClownCollectorCommanderCowgirlCyclistDragon TamerElite Four
Factory Head*FishermanGalactic BossGalactic GruntGentlemanGuitaristHall Matron*HikerIdolInterviewers
JoggerLadyLassLeaderMaidNinja BoyOfficerPainterParasol LadyPIPicnickerPokéFanPoké KidPKMN Breeder
PKMN RangerPKMN TrainerPsychicRancherReporterRich BoyRivalRoughneckRuin ManiacSailorSchool Kid
ScientistSkierSocialiteSwimmerTower Tycoon*TuberTwinsVeteranWaiterWaitressYoung CoupleYoungster