About Me:

I'm a 21-year-old college student from California who's been playing Pokémon games since the first two came out. I used to watch the series, and play the card game, but nowadays, I just stick to the games.

I'm currently enrolled a local Junior College, getting my GPA up and getting the right skills I need to transfer out. My goals are to become a game designer, specifically in the concept artist or level design areas. I have a background in surrealist art and cartooning, and know my way around digital arts and programming. Hobbies include vidya games, music, the interwebz, and anime.

What TCABF stands for:

  • These Cats Aren't Bakery Fresh
  • They Can't All Be Funny
  • Tony Crashed A Big Ferrari
  • Twelve Children Are Being Fat
  • Torch Candy Alleviates Big Fortitude
  • Tortured Crazies Aggravate Booty Fads
  • Tooting Capybaras Add Baby Feet