Hello my name is Jack! I am 11 years old. My favorite Pokémon is Cofagrigus.


My Pokémon games are:

Pokémon Diamond Version 250px-Diamond_EN_boxart.jpg

Pokémon HeartGold Version 250px-HeartGold_EN_boxart.jpg

Pokemon SoulSilver Version 250px-SoulSilver_EN_boxart.jpg

Pokémon White Version 250px-White_EN_boxart.png

Pokémon Black 2 Version 250px-Black_2_EN_boxart.png

Pokémon White 2 Version 250px-White_2_EN_boxart.png

Pokémon X Version 250px-X_EN_boxart.png

Pokémon Y Version 250px-Y_EN_boxart.png

My favorite episode is Battling the King of the Mines!.



I have lots of Shiny Pokémon (most of them I cheated for via PokeGTS or traded for them) but I have found 8 shinies in total. They are:

White 2:

Spr_5b_509_s.png ---- Spr_5b_510_s.png









250px-714Noibat.png ----- 250px-715Noivern.png

Spr_5b_361_s.png ----- Spr_5b_478_s.png

Pokémon TCGO

I have a lot of fun playing TCGO. I get great pulls, the most recent being a Raikou EX. These are my current EXs, full arts, and secret rares. They are all English.

180px-RaikouEXDarkExplorers38.jpg 180px-WhiteKyuremEXBoundariesCrossed146.jpg 200px-CresseliaEXBoundariesCrossed143.jpg 200px-ReshiramEXNextDestinies22.jpg 180px-WhiteKyuremEXPlasmaStorm96.jpg 200px-PikachuBlackWhite115.jpg

Friend Codes

I am shiny hunting in the friend safari but if anyone could give me their codes so I could hunt there. If you need mine IDK whats in it but on my talk page tell me your code and whats in your safari. After you figured out whats in it, on my talk page, tell me whats in my safari.

My code is: 2852-8334-3491

Here is a link to my talk page: http://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/User_talk:Superblooper