User:Super10ZX/Voice Actor predictions

Here I predict the english actors/actress for anything Pokémon.

Pokémon the Series: XYZ

Picture Name Prediction Actual Comment
  Robon Ted Lewis Justin Anselmi That was unexpected.
  Henny Tom Wayland Eliza Bent He sounded like a female.
  Chapman J. Michael Tatum* Billy Bob Thompson I'm fine ether way.
  Chapman's Chesnaught H.D. Quinn H.D. Quinn Right on the money.
  Amelia Emily Williams Suzy Myers
  Amelia's Dragonair Megumi Hayashibara ???
  Amelia's Espeon Kayzie Rogers Erica Schroeder Could this have foreshadowed Kayzie's retirement?
  Kazalie Maggie McDowell Emily Jenness
  Kazalie's Lilligant Michele Knotz Michele Knotz I figured it out!!!!
  Stan David Brimmer Jake Paque I'm Wrong.
  Ash's Noivern Kenta Miyake Marc Thompson Well, it used to be Kenta Miyake. I was right at one point.
  Locke Bill Rogers Graham Halstead I saw a Bill Rogers in him for some reason.
  Lefty Billy Bob Thompson Billy Bob Thompson Check.
  Ed Carter Cathcart David Wills Never knew about him until know.
  Righty Billy Bob Thompson Billy Bob Thompson Double Check.
  Aria's Vivillon Eileen Stevens Eileen Stevens
  Lilia Haven Paschall Samantha Moon Hmmm.
  Lilllia's Buneary Sarah Natochenny Sarah Natochenny Another Check.
  Jimmy A new Voice Actor/Actress Daniel J. Edwards NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO
  Spike Etsuko Kozakura Etsuko Kozakura YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS
  Alain's Metang Carter Cathcart ???
  Shiny Phantump   Michele Knotz Lisa Ortiz Doh.
  Sawyer's Doublade Justin Anselmi Justin Anselmi I like being right.
  Sawyer's Clawitzer Bill Rogers Billy Bob Thompson Since Super Smash Bros. 4, he's been everywhere.
  Wulfric A new Voice Actor David Brimmer I'm getting all these human VA's wrong.
Wulfric's Abomasnow Billy Bob Thompson Marc Thompson
  Wulfric's Avalugg Tom Wayland or Billy Bob Thompson Robbie Duncan Sharpe
Wulfric's Bergmite Tom Wayland or Billy Bob Thompson * Robbie Duncan Sharpe
  Everett E. James Ford Bryan Tyler
  Everett's Furfrou Michele Knotz Billy Bob Thompson
Trevor's Charizard Kiyotaka Furushima Kiyotaka Furushima Every Charizard has it's Japanese voice clips reused.
  Trevor's Aerodactyl Justin Anselmi Justin Anselmi
  Trevor's Florges Aurora Bea Aurora Bea
  Titus Mike McFarland Rob Morrison
  Titus's Altaria Eileen Stevens Jessica Paquet
  Sawyer's Slaking Dan Green Bill Rogers
Sawyer's Aegislash Justin Anselmi Marc Swint [1]
  Rhypo Jake Paque Marc Thompson
  Alain's Metagross Carter Cathcart ???
  Sawyer's Salamence Carter Cathcart or Kiyotaka Furushima Kiyotaka Furushima Ok, wasn't expecting anyone too different.
  Alain's Tyranitar Takanori Hoshino ???
  Alain's Weavile Bill Rogers Bill Rogers YEAH!!
  Alain's Bisharp Justin Anselmi Justin Anselmi
  Alain's Unfezant Erica Schroeder Erica Schroeder
Lysandre's Shiny Gyarados   Unshō Ishizuka ???
  Xerosic's Crobat Shin-ichiro Miki ???
  Xerosic's Malamar Marc Thompson Marc Thompson Off topic, but I wish this Malamar did something with Inkay or the wild Malamar.
  Alvin Eva Christensen Lianne Marie Dobbs
  Alvin's Vivillon Eileen Stevens Eileen Stevens
  Alvin's Pyroar H.D. Quinn or Kate Bristol H.D. Quinn
  Alvin's Cubone Lisa Ortiz Marc Thompson
Jan Sean Reyes (young)
I really don't know
Eddy Lee
Pay Pental
  Veofum H.D. Quinn Marc Thompson

Pokémon the Series: Sun & Moon

Picture Name Prediction Actual Comment
  Lana A new voice actress Rosie Reyes Check.
  Lana's Popplio Lisa Ortiz Eileen Stevens (SM001-SM062)
Laurie Hymes (SM001-SM062)
  Lana's Lapras Rikako Aikawa ???
  Ash's Litten Kayzie Rogers Lisa Ortiz I really miss Kayzie.
  Recurring Bewear Bill Rogers Michele Knotz WHERE CAN I BUY A PLUSHY?
  Kiawe H.D. Quinn Marc Swint
  Kiawe's Charizard Shin-ichiro Miki Unshō Ishizuka
Toru Sakurai
  Sophocles's Togedemaru Haven Paschall Kate Bristol
  Mallow Lisa Ortiz Rebecca Soler‎
  Professor Kukui Billy Bob Thompson Abe Goldfarb I'm not a big fan of Kukui's voice, it doesn't sound as chill and relaxed as I think it should be.
  Samson Oak Carter Cathcart Marc Thompson
  Kiawe's Turtonator Jake Paque Marc Thompson
  Tupp Billy Bob Thompson Billy Bob Thompson My... My... MY FIRST CORRECT HUMAN VA!
  Tupp's Salandit The original Japanese actor Haven Paschall
  Zipp Jason Griffith Jake Paque
  Zipp's Yungoos The original Japanese actor ???
  Rapp Lisa Ortiz Lori Phillips
  Rapp's Zubat Shin-ichiro Miki Yūji Ueda‎
  Ash's Rockruff Megumi Hayashibara Haven Paschall I see Serena couldn't leave Ash.
  Samson Oak's Komala Eileen Stevens Mike Liscio Clemont too!
  Rotom Pokédex Pete Zarustica Roger Callagy A new guy... Interesting.
  Jessie's Mimikyu Erica Schroeder Billy Bob Thompson
  Ash's Rowlet Alyson Leigh Rosenfeld Roger Callagy
  Nurse Joy (Alola) Emily Williams Suzy Myers
  Nurse Joy's Blissey (Alola) Sarah Natochenny Sarah Natochenny
  Nurse Joy's Comfey Michele Knotz Suzy Myers
  Recurring Pikipek Billy Bob Thompson Kate Bristol
  Recurring Trumbeak Billy Bob Thompson Mike Liscio
  Recurring Toucannon Billy Bob Thompson Marc Swint
  Moani Erica Schroeder Rosie Reyes
  Harper and Sarah Suzy Myers (Harper)
Zoe Martin (Sarah)
Eileen Stevens (Harper)
Kate Bristol (Sarah)
  Recurring Stoutland Marc Thompson Marc Thompson
  Hobbes Wayne Grayson Ben Phillips
  Hobbes's Oricorio Alyson Leigh Rosenfeld Erica Schroeder
  Officer Jenny (Alola) Lori Gardner Samantha Moon
  Officer Jenny's Gumshoos Marc Thompson Billy Bob Thompson
  Totem Gumshoos Marc Thompson Billy Bob Thompson
  Hala Robbie Duncan Sharpe Ryan Andes Hala easily has my favourite voice in the Sun & Moon dub, it's exactly like I imagined (being similar to Doc Louis).
  Hala's Hariyama Bill Rogers Bill Rogers
  Hala's Crabrawler Billy Bob Thompson Jake Paque
  Sima Norma Nongauza Lipica Shah
  Rango Billy Bob Thompson Tamir Cousins-Ali
  Mimo Erica Schroeder Simona Berman
  Zipp's Garbodor Jonathan Todd Ross Erica Schroeder
  Harry I really don't know Emily Jenness
  James's Mareanie Laurie Hymes Melissa Hope
  Nina Alyson Leigh Rosenfeld or Haven Paschall Jessie Kane Gill
  Nina's Raichu The original Japanese actor ???
  Anna Alyson Leigh Rosenfeld Emily Jenness
  Anna's Magnezone Bill Rogers Bill Rogers
  Snowy I really don't know Emily Jenness
  Samson Oak's Vulpix I really don't know Suzy Myers
  Laki Marc Thompson Ryan Nicolls
  Laki's Smeargle Erica Schroeder Ryan William Downey
  Mrs. Makani Lisa Ortiz Kate Bristol
  Abe Marc Thompson Sean Reyes
  Mallow's Steenee Alyson Leigh Rosenfeld Alyson Leigh Rosenfeld
  Hiroki Jake Paque Ryan Nicolls
  Hiroki's Mudbray Laurie Hymes Michele Knotz
  Sophocles's parents Abe Goldfarb (dad)
Eileen Stevens (mom)
Ryan William Downey (dad)
Carrie Savage (mom)
  Recurring Tapu Lele Melissa Hope Suzy Myers
  DJ Leo Marc Thompson H.D. Quinn
  DJ Leo's Jessica, Ashley, and Michael Marc Thompson Marc Thompson (Ashley, and Michael)
Carrie Savage (Jessica)
  DJ Leo's Diglett Sarah Natochenny Sarah Natochenny
  Mimey Billy Bob Thompson Michele Knotz
  Lana's mother Kate Bristol Melissa Hope
  Sophocles's Charjabug Erica Schroeder Simona Berman
  Gladion Billy Bob Thompson* or Marc Thompson Eddy Lee
  Gladion's Umbreon Erica Schroeder Lori Phillips
  Gladion's Lycanroc Haven Paschall Mike Liscio
  Oluolu Marc Swint Mike McFarland Fun Fact: When I wrote the prediction for Titus, I didn't realize this guy was the voice director for One Piece.
  Oluolu's Snorlax Carter Cathcart Carter Cathcart
  Olivia I really don't know Marisa Kennedy At this point, there have been so many newcommers it's getting harder to predict the S&M cast (nothing against newcommers in voice acting, just that it's forcing me to think differently).
  Oliva's Lycanroc Haven Paschall Mike Liscio‎
  Master fisherman Mike Pollock Scottie Ray
  Master fisherman's Feebas Jake Paque N/A
  Totem Wishiwashi I really don't know H.D. Quinn
  Kiawe's Marowak Carter Cathcart Sam Black
  Totem Lurantis Michele Knotz Samara Naeymi
  Oliva's Probopass Marc Thompson Carter Cathcart
  Gladion's Type: Null I really don't know Abe Goldfarb
  Ash's Lycanroc Haven Paschall Mike Liscio
  Recurring Oranguru Billy Bob Thompson Scottie Ray
  Ida Lisa Ortiz Caroline Spinola
  Ida's Brionne Eileen Stevens Eileen Stevens
  Kanoa Marc Thompson Graham Halstead
  Horacio Billy Bob Thompson Sam Black
  Horacio's Charjabug Erica Schroeder Abe Goldfarb
  Yansu A new Voice Actor/Actress or Daman Mills Sara Ornelas
  Dana Laurie Hymes Brian Kim
  Team Electric Princess Aurora Bea, Riley Joseph, Lisa Ortiz Melissa Hope, Zoe Martin
  Team Electric Princess's Charjabug Erica Schroeder Simona Berman
  Team Twin Starmie I really don't know Caroline Spinola
  Team Twin Starmie's Charjabug Erica Schroeder ???
  Team Science Speed I really don't know Lisa Ortiz
  Team Science Speed's Charjabug Erica Schroeder Simona Berman
  Ash's Muk Carter Cathcart Carter Cathcart
  Brock's Geodude Billy Bob Thompson Marc Thompson
  Recurring Jigglypuff Michele Knotz Michele Knotz
  Misty's Psyduck Michele Knotz Michele Knotz

Pokémon the Series: Sun & Moon - Ultra Adventures

Picture Name Prediction Actual Comment
  Nebby (Cosmog) Samantha Moon or Michele Knotz Haven Paschall
  Recurring Tapu Bulu Scott Williams Sam Black
  Recurring Tapu Fini Suzy Myers Lisa Ortiz
  Professor Burnet Emily Jenness Melissa Hope
  Professor Burnet's Munchlax Carter Cathcart Carter Cathcart
Lusamine Samara Naeymi Bobbi Hartley
  Lusamine's Clefable Erica Schroeder Kate Bristol (SM050-SM078)
Sarah Natochenny (SM085-present)
  Wicke Lisa Ortiz Riley Joseph
  Faba Julián Rebolledo Daniel J. Edwards
  Lusamine's Herdier Marc Thompson Marc Thompson
  Faba's Alakazam Bill Rogers Bill Rogers
  Faba's Hypno Mike Liscio Jake Paque
  Gladion's Silvally Marc Swint Abe Goldfarb
  Nebby (Cosmoem) Samantha Moon or Michele Knotz N/A
  Recurring Nihilego Billy Bob Thompson Haven Paschall
  Totem Kommo-o Robby Duncan Sharpe Ryan Andes
  Ally Jangmo-o Averyn Mackey Erica Schroeder
  Ally Hakamo-o Sam Black Eddy Lee
  Nebby (Solgaleo) H.D. Quinn The Original Japanese Voice Actor
  Professor Kukui's Braviary Jake Paque Ryan Nicolls
  Lusamine's Salazzle Haven Paschall Haven Paschall
  Lusamine's Lilligant Michele Knotz Michele Knotz
  Lusamine's Milotic Michele Knotz The Original Japanese Voice Actor
  Lusamine's Mismagius Sarah Natochenny Sarah Natochenny
  Lusamine's Absol Bill Rogers Bill Rogers
  Ash's Poipole Erica Schroeder Lisa Ortiz
  Alternately Colored Mareanie Justin Anselmi Carter Cathcart
  Alternately Colored Toxapex Justin Anselmi Carter Cathcart
  Drampa Roger Callagy Jason Griffith
  Cerah Riley Joseph Jo Armeniox
  Cerah's Ninetales Emily Jenness Lisa Ortiz
150px Pokémon Sled Jump master Sam Black Scottie Ray
  Hala's Crabominable Jake Paque Jake Paque
  Buzzwole Scott Williams or Marc Thompson Billy Bob Thompson
  Matori's Meowth Billy Bob Thompson or Sam Black Pete Zarustica I remember somebody asked him if he was going to voice a character in Sun & Moon, and he said it was likely he would.
  Mask Royal's Incineroar N/A H.D. Quinn
  Ash's Torracat Lisa Ortiz
  Ilima Mike Liscio
  Ilima's Eevee The original Japanese actor Erica Schroeder
  Kagetora Ryan Andes Sam Black
  Kagetora's Eevee The original Japanese actor Erica Schroeder
  Ilima's Smeargle N/A
  Ikari N/A
  Ikari's Mienshao N/A
  Celesteela N/A
  Viren N/A
  Viren's Electivire N/A Bill Rogers
  Viren's henchmen N/A
  Viren's henchmen's Boldore N/A
  Viren's henchmen's Roggenrola N/A
  Officer Jenny's Granbull N/A
  Ulu's Lickitung
  Acerola N/A Lauren Kammerling
  Acerola's Mimikins
  Greedy Rapooh Marc Thompson
  Officer Jenny's Oricorio
  Nanu's Krookodile
  Nanu's Sableye
  Nanu's Persian
  Molayne N/A Barrett Leddy
  Molayne's Magneton Bill Rogers
  Viren's Pangoro
  Mad Magmar
  Mad Magmar's Magmortar
  Mr. Electric
  Mr. Elec's Electivire
  Revengers' Poliwrath
  Revengers' Muk
  Revengers' Golem
  Anela's Dori-chan
  Mallow's Tsareena Alyson Leigh Rosenfeld


Volcanion and the Mechanical Marvel

Picture Name Prediction Actual Comment
  Volcanion Justin Anselmi Mike Pollock When Volcanion screams, you can really tell it's Pollock.
  Magearna A new voice actress Yuka Terasaki
  Alva A new voice actor Billy Bob Thompson It's possible Alva was recast from Sean Schemmel because he got busy with other things *cough*Dragon Ball Super*cough*. But I think it might be because Sean said he did the role on Twitter, and TPCI didn't want anything to be spoiled.
Alva's Shiny Gengar   Marc Thompson Marc Thompson
  Kimia Lisa Ortiz Riley Joseph She's new, but I hear potential in her.
Kimia's Shiny Gardevoir   Michele Knotz Michele Knotz
  Raleigh Aurora Bea Laurie Hymes After hearing her as Raleigh and now Lillie, she has some great range.
  Raleigh's Slurpuff Haven Paschall Haven Paschall
  Nikola Lucien Dodge or Rodger Parsons Scottie Ray
  Levi Bruce Warren Jake Paque
Levi's Alakazam Bill Rogers Bill Rogers 1 down, 15 to go.
Levi's Glalie Marc Thompson Sean Reyes Professor Rowan's back!
Levi's Steelix Unshō Ishizuka ???
  Cherie Kate Bristol Eileen Stevens
Cherie's Manectric Jake Paque Jake Paque
Levi & Cherie's Heracross Katsuyuki Konishi ???
Levi & Cherie's Pinsir Tsuguo Mogami ???
Levi & Cherie's Camerupt Jake Paque Daniel J. Edwards
Levi & Cherie's Banette Darren Dunstan Carter Cathcart
Levi & Cherie's Houndoom Kōichi Sakaguchi ???
Levi & Cherie's Tyranitar Takanori Hoshino ???
Levi & Cherie's Pidgeot Megumi Hayashibara ???
Levi & Cherie's Swampert Scottie Ray Carter Cathcart
Levi & Cherie's Aggron Carter Cathcart Carter Cathcart
Levi & Cherie's Beedrill Shin-ichiro Miki ???
Levi & Cherie's Salamence Kiyotaka Furushima ???
Levi & Cherie's Sharpedo Justin Anselmi Bill Rogers
  Flamel I really don't know Aurora Bea

I Choose You!

Picture Name Prediction Actual Comment
  Ash's Metapod Billy Bob Thompson Sam Black
  Ash's Charmander Billy Bob Thompson Billy Bob Thompson
  Ash's Charmeleon Billy Bob Thompson Billy Bob Thompson
  Sorrel I really don't know David Oliver Nelson
  Sorrel's Lucario Bill Rogers Bill Rogers
  Verity Eileen Stevens Suzy Myers
  Verity's Piplup Michele Knotz Michele Knotz
  Marshadow Rosie Reyes Simona Berman
  Bonjī Mike Pollock* Mike Pollock
  Cross Daniel J. Edwards Billy Bob Thompson
  Cross's Incineroar Dan Green ???
  Cross's Lycanroc Haven Paschall Mike Liscio
  Recurring Spearow Carter Cathcart* Justin Anselmi
  Nurse Joy (Kanto) Michele Knotz Michele Knotz
  Nurse Joy's Chansey Emily Jenness Sarah Natochenny

Other Animation

Pokémon Generations

Picture Name Prediction Actual Comment
  Red's Pikachu Sarah Natochenny Fumiko Orikasa For a series that first aired in english, how could I expect them to use a Japanese actress?
  Bruno J. Michael Tatum or Bill Rogers Bill Rogers
  Petrel ???
  Tabitha Johnny Yong Bosch ???
  Professor Cozmo I really don't know ???
  Cyrus J. Michael Tatum ???
  Saturn Jason Douglas ???
  Mars Erica Lindbeck ???
  Jupiter Cassandra Lee Morris ???
  Cynthia Tara Jayne Tara Jayne Interesting to see Behind the Voice Actors was right before there was even offical confirmation.
  Drayden Michael McConnohie ???
  Clay Ric Anderson ???
  Lenora I really don't know ???
  Skyla Lindsay Sheppard ???
  Zinzolin Steve Staley ???
  Lysandre Todd Haberkorn ???
Emma/Essentia Carrie Keranen ???

Video Games

Pokkén Tournament *

Picture Name Prediction Actual Comment
150px Nia Eileen Stevens Ananda Jacobs There not even using the english anime actors! WHY?
150px Anne Michele Knotz Jenny Shima How am I supposed to predict this?
  Charizard Shin-ichiro Miki or Kensuke Satō ???
  Machamp Kiyotaka Furushima ???
  Gengar Katsuyuki Konishi ???
  Mewtwo Keiji Fujiwara ???
  Shadow Mewtwo Keiji Fujiwara ???
  Suicune Kiyotaka Furushima ???
  Sceptile Yūji Ueda ???
  Blaziken Katsuyuki Konishi ???
  Gardevoir Megumi Hayashibara ???
  Garchomp Shin-ichiro Miki ???
  Lucario Daisuke Namikawa ???
  Weavile Chinami Nishimura ???
  Chandelure Misato Fukuen ???
  Braixen Yuka Terasaki ???