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This is a list of Red, Blue, Green, Yellow, Gold, Silver, Crystal, Ruby, Sapphire, Emerald, Diamond, Pearl, Platinum, Black, White, Blake, Whitley, X, Y, Sun, and Moon's Pokémon, ordered by the speed of evolution, from fastest to slowest. It does not include any Pokémon which cannot evolve, such as Kanga and Li'l Kanga, nor any that were already fully-evolved at the time of capture, such as Sudowoodo.

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Evolved Pokémon

Pokémon Trainer Duration Difference Circumstances
   Red Prior to PS001 Unknown To save Red
   Red PS001PS011 10 rounds After touching a Water Stone while trying to save Red
   Red PS002PS015 13 rounds After battling a wild Primeape
   Red PS015PS033 17 rounds While battling Thu-Fi-Zer
   Red PS019PS115 between 65 and 96 rounds Offscreen
   Blue PS018PS115 between 38 and 98 rounds Offscreen
   Blue PS001PS004 less than 3 rounds Offscreen
   Blue PS004PS027 between 9 and 17 rounds Offscreen
   Blue PS018PS018 0 rounds Battling a wild Ninetales
   Blue PS018PS160 between 68 and 142 rounds Offscreen
   Blue PS116PS449 between 221 and 333 rounds When traded to Silver while holding a Protector
   Green PS016PS288 272 rounds Along with Green's Granbull and Nido
   Green PS089PS288 199 rounds Along with Green's Jiggly and Nido
   Green Prior to PS015 Unknown Offscreen
   Green PS015PS030 between 2 and 16 rounds Offscreen
   Green PS032PS033 1 round After touching a Moon Stone
   Green PS039PS073 less than 34 rounds Offscreen
   Green PS073PS288 215 rounds Along with Green's Jiggly and Granbull
   Yellow PS036PS053 17 rounds After catching a Caterpie
   Yellow PS042PS089 47 rounds Along with Yellow's other Pokémon
   Yellow PS005PS089 84 rounds Along with Yellow's other Pokémon
   Yellow PS049PS089 40 rounds Along with Yellow's other Pokémon
   Yellow PS053PS089 36 rounds Protecting Yellow from Lance's Dragonite
   Yellow PS089PS089 0 rounds Along with Yellow's other Pokémon
   Gold PS091PS448 357 rounds After mastering Double Hit
   Gold PS091PS109 18 rounds Trying to save Gold from the collapsing Tin Tower
   Gold PS109PS109 0 rounds When traded to Silver while holding a King's Rock
   Gold PS093PS108 15 rounds After battling the Day-Care Couples Primeape
   Gold PS108PS148 40 rounds While battling Lugia along with Silver's Croconaw and Crystal's Megaree
   Gold PS099PS172 73 rounds While battling Masked Man
   Gold PS107PS459 352 rounds Battling Arceus
   Gold PS459PS459 0 rounds Battling Arceus
   Silver PS092PS445 353 rounds Leveled up while holding a Razor Claw
    Silver PS030PS109 less than 79 rounds Offscreen; When traded to Gold while holding a King's Rock
   Silver PS093PS098 5 rounds After smashing a trap bolder in Sprout Tower
   Silver PS098PS148 50 rounds While battling Lugia along with Gold's Exbo and Crystal's Megaree
   Silver PS108PS445 337 rounds Leveled up while holding a Dusk Stone
   Crystal PS117PS329 ??? Offscreen
   Ash AG007AG066 59 episodes Battling Guy's Loudred
   Serena XY003XY064 61 episodes Battling Aria's Delphox and Aromatisse alongside Pancham
   Ash EP013EP075 62 episodes Battling Mandi's Exeggutor
   Ash DP100DP166 66 episodes Battling Team Rocket
   Jessie XY011XY082 71 episodes Being traded for Count Pumpka's Mawile
   Ash BW020BW092 72 episodes Battling Iris's Dragonite
   Ash EP126EP199 73 episodes Protecting Ash from Team Rocket
   Dawn AG179DP060 73 episodes Battling a group of Unown shortly after learning Double Hit
   Ash BW004BW077 73 episodes Battling Shamus's Emboar and Heatmor alongside Snivy
   Ash AG004AG080 76 episodes Competing against Jessie's Dustox in PokéRinger
   Ash EP003EP081 78 episodes Protecting Ash from a Fearow and flock of Spearow
   May AG001AG082 81 episodes Battling wild Breloom
   Ash AG066AG161 95 episodes Battling Team Rocket
   Ash DP005DP100 95 episodes Battling Paul's Honchkrow
   Misty EP151EP247 96 episodes Took Ash's King's Rock and then transferred between Pokémon Centers
   Ash DP013DP118 105 episodes Competing against Paul's Honchkrow in PokéRinger
   May AG082AG191 109 episodes Battling Team Rocket
   May AG157DP076 110 episodes Touching the Ice Rock on Route 217
   Brock EP143EP259 116 episodes Protecting wild Pokémon from Team Rocket
   Brock AG025AG148 123 episodes Battling Ash's Grovyle
   Ash DP003DP132 129 episodes After defeating Paul's Ursaring
   May AG133DP077 less than
135 episodes
Offscreen during her journey in Johto
   Dawn DP143DPS01 less than
135 episodes
Protecting Dawn and Shinko from a colony of Ariados.
   Brock DP038DP190 152 episodes Healing other Pokémon
   Brock EP006EP165 159 episodes Battling Team Rocket
    May AG073DP078 less than
196 episodes
Both offscreen during her journey in Johto
   Ash EP230AG154 198 episodes Battling a Team Rocket mecha
   Misty EP050AG045 269 episodes Protecting a group of Togepi from Colonel Hansen
   Brock EP005AG177 446 episodes Training from Forrest
   Ash EP141DP182 504 episodes Battling a Team Rocket mecha

Currently unevolved

Pokémon Debut Notes
  Ash's Rowlet SM004
  Mallow's Bounsweet SM001
  Lana's Popplio SM001
  Serena's Pancham XY047
  Iris's Gible BWS02
  Clemont's Chespin XY010
  Clemont's Magneton XY009
  Clemont's Magnemite XY009
  James's Inkay XY003
  Clemont's Bunnelby XY001
  Jessie's Frillish BW109
  Ash's Palpitoad BW032
  James's Yamask BW023
  Ash's Scraggy BW017
  Ash's Snivy BW007
  Cilan's Pansage BW005
  Jessie's Woobat BW002
  Ash's Oshawott BW001
  Iris's Axew BW001 Wants to fully evolve
  Ash's Gible DP156
  Ash's Buizel DP034
  Dawn's Buneary DP009
  Brock's Croagunk DP008
  Dawn's Piplup DP001 Given an Everstone
  James's Mime Jr. AG147 Has not evolved despite knowing Mimic
  Misty's Azurill AG132
  May's Munchlax AG117
  May's Skitty AG047
  Ash's Corphish AG023
  James's Cacnea AG006
  Ash's Totodile EP151
  Tracey's Scyther EP097
  Tracey's Marill EP087
  Tracey's Venonat EP084
  Jessie's Lickitung EP052 Did not have an evolution at the time when it was
traded; Lickilicky was introduced in Generation IV
  Brock's Vulpix EP028
  Misty's Psyduck EP027
  Misty's Horsea EP019
  Ash's Squirtle EP012
  Ash's Bulbasaur EP010 Does not want to evolve
  Misty's Staryu EP006
  Brock's Geodude EP005
  Misty's Goldeen EP002
  Team Rocket's Meowth EP002 Believes he cannot evolve; hates Persian
  Red's Pika PS004

List of Eggs

Pokémon Duration Difference Notes
  Dawn's Cyndaquil DP143DP143 0 episodes
  Ash's Noibat XY076XY076 0 episodes
  Ash's Larvitar EP257EP258 1 episode
  Ash's Phanpy EP228EP230 2 episodes
  Misty's Togepi EP046EP050 4 episodes
  Brock's Happiny DP033DP038 5 episodes
  Ash's Scraggy BW012BW017 5 episodes
  May's Eevee AG150AG157 7 episodes
  Misty's Azurill Prior to AG132 Unknown Debuted as Azurill; Egg not seen
  Iris's Axew Prior to BW001 Unknown Debuted as Axew; Egg not seen; hatched before Iris obtained it
  Ash's Froakie Prior to XY001 Unknown Debuted as Froakie
  Ash's Rowlet Prior to SM004 Unknown Debuted as Rowlet