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Joined 26 July 2009
Sunila Very Dark Blue
[[File:Spr GS Beauty JP.png|{{{size}}}]]
Gender Female
Hometown Pacifidlog Town
Region Unknown
Generation Three
Games Pokemon Gone and Disappeared

Sunila's Page

Ever since my older brother brought home a copy of Leaf Green, I've been in love with Pokémon. Ever since he stopped let me playing it, I have loved VBA. Ever since I turned 10, I've been even..more a fanatic? I love fire types and dark types. And purple. And ghost types, too. Black, Indigo and Red. Can't go wrong.

Dream Team

229.png My front woman. Knows Dark Pulse, Sucker Punch, Thunder Fang, Beat Up.

359.png Great Backup plan. Knows Bite, Night Slash, Shadow Ball and Zen Headbutt.

302.png Though he's still in training, I rely on him. Knows Astonish, Fury Swipes, Fakeout, Detect.

Note that I don't actually have any of these Pokemon.

The games I play

I, like I said, am playing Leafgreen right now. It's a lot of fun! My team on leafgreen I'm not telling because I forget the location of the ROM. Oh well. I also love G/S/C, mainly for it's sprites, and the fact that girls can play now!

other stuffs ^_^

I frequently play on babydow and howrse. I'm 11-my bday was in june- and my best color is purple ^_^ My favorite number is 3 and my favorite shows are Winx Club and Pokémon: Diamond & Pearl. D/P has the best theme songs. I really like Karaoke-ing we will be heroes, I love singing. "I wanna be.." I also am part Swedish and I love making Swedish fandubs of things. I'm working on a Swedish fandub of Mew Mew Power and then Tokyo Mew Mew.

Fame Checker

♥ What does this person do?

Kingstone City Gym (yes, I'm a gym leader in the Azabu region.)

Leader: Laura

The Fierce Fire-type Beauty!

♥Favorite kind of Pokemon?

"Fighting me is just the tip of a Charmander's tail!

We'll burn you to the ground in a second!

I'll slash you with fire easily! Go!"

♥ What is this person like?

"Laura's really smart, and pretty, too.

She knows how to spot a good Pokemon!

But she's tough too, that's a little hard.."

My Team IRL

Go to SunilaThousand/LGTEAM to see my team. Go to SunilaThousand/Eeeveelutions to see my love. I AM PART JOLTEON!

My Usertag

399.png This user trains legendary Pokémon.