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Joined 13 December 2008

I'm SuperbowserX. That is my name on other wikis out there, but my name on YouTube and Bulbapedia is "Subscriber0101" I make random edits here and there.

How I got into the series? Well I played Pokemon XD and such back in the day, and got into that game and Colosseum. I don't actively play and follow the series; in fact, Emerald, Colosseum and XD are the only games I've fully beat -- but I'm hugely into those games. As for the Anime, the only Anime series I seriously watched was Diamond and Pearl because of the character Paul. The drama created from Paul being absent in the seasons before and after DP left me uninterested in them.

I can't guarantee that I'll be checking this page much, so you're best off just messaging me on YouTube ("Subscriber0101") if you wish to talk to me.