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Joined 1 December 2010
471Glaceon Dream.png
Hello, and welcome to Strongriver's userpage
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Most Favorite Pokémon

576Gothitelle Dream.png
Name Sprite Reason
Gardevoir 282.pngAni282OD.png Just look at it; can't you see the psychic beauty?!
Vaporeon 134.pngAni134OD.png If you can't see the cuteness, then I don't know what's cute to you.
Glaceon 471.pngAni471OD.png Same as Vaporeon.
Furret 162.pngAni162OD.png Furret seems so random that it has to be one of my favorites.
Mew 151.pngAni151OD.png Who doesn't like Mew? (Trolls)
Salamence 373.pngAni373OD.png Of all the dragon types, this has to be my favorite.
Dragonite 149.pngAni149OD.png "Why Dragonite?" you ask,
"'Cause it's randomly cool!"