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Joined 4 July 2006

Hello, my name is Stinkoman87. Although I am aware of all of the comlexeties of move choice, I go with all attack because I like it.
Favorite pokēmon:

I own Pokémon Saphire, FireRed, and Diamond.

To Do list

  • Raise a team of pokémon I like(D)
  • Own all 493 pokémon at once (D)

D/P Friend Code and Prerequisites for Battle


No Ubers, no hacked moves, no hacked stats, sleep clause. But that is it. If you want to battle, put date, time, and FC on my talk page.

My team

Planned pokemon:

<Nickname> the <Pokemon> @ <held item>

  • <move 1>
  • <move 2>
  • <move 3>
  • <move 4>

Pulseman the Rotom @ Focus Sash

Jessibelle the Gardevoir @ Choice Scarf

Naruto the Poliwrath@leftovers


Sumobear the Snorlax @ Chesto Berry

Inferno the Infernape @ Choice Band

Megaton the Metagross

  • <move 1>
  • <move 2>
  • <move 3>
  • <move 4>