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Joined 4 February 2017

Hi! I'm known as Turtle Lover elsewhere, but I called named myself SquirtleLover1999 here because why the heck not? I've been an editor on this wiki since early 2017, though I don't edit here nearly as much as the SmashWiki.

When I was a little more than a hatchling, I've had cartridges of Blue, Silver, and Sapphire, though all of them were owned by my brother. I've played Blue quite a lot, as I did with Silver (though the cartridge's time battery was dead, so it could never save, meaning I had to start over a lot), but I've only played through Sapphire twice. I really got into Pokémon in 2008, ever since I've played both Super Smash Bros. Melee and Brawl, which got me into Nintendo in general. The first Pokémon game I've ever bought was Pearl and I've played every main series game since (except for the "left-side" versions (Red, Gold, Ruby, etc.), Yellow, Emerald, and the Let's Go), as well as a few spin-offs like Rumble, Rumble Blast, Battle Trozei and Detective Pikachu.

I don't have much else to say, so here's a list of all Pokémon by their appearances in a regional Pokédex, I guess.