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Pictures to use from PS1: Poliwhirl - (water gun pg 2 shot from hand) Unidentified attacks - Charmander and Mew

PS2: Bulbasaur using Tackle, Vine Whip and Solar Beam Pokédex?

PS3: Unidentified attack - Charmander (fire from tail)

PS4: Pika using thunder attack Saur using Poison Powder

PS5: Charmeleon unnamed attack Poliwhirl Icebeam

Images gotten from each chapter:

  • PS001:

Images I haven't uploaded but have:

  • Charmander with spines on its back (2 versions)
  • Red holding a Poliwag
  • Pallet Town Landscape
  • Great Balls hanging off a Team Rocket Grunts Belt
  • Western Forest image
  • Red sneaking with a plethora of Poké Balls
  • Mew using Psychic (I think) and Poliwhirl getting hit
  • Charmander using Ember (I think)
  • Professor Oak's Lab front
  • PS002:

Images I haven't uploaded but have:

  • Poké Ball Interaction of Red, Poli and Saur
  • Poké Balls opening to release Pokémon
  • Viridian Gym
  • Bulbasaur using Tackle
  • Bulbasaur using Vine Whip
  • PS003:

Images I haven't uploaded but have:

  • Viridian Forest
  • Charmander using Flamethrower
  • Charmander using Fire Spin(?)
  • PS004:

Images I haven't uploaded but have:

  • Boulder Badge
  • Gym Notice
  • Pikachu using Quick Attack, Thundershock and Thunderwave (?)
  • Saur using Sleep Powder and it hitting Pika
  • I want a picture of the wanted poster.
  • PS005:

Images I haven't uploaded but have:

  • Boulder Badge
  • Onix broken apart
  • Cubone's bone being snapped by a vine whip
  • Charmeleon using an attack, maybe ember
  • Brock and his Pokemon
  • Graveler and his owner
  • Graveler breaking
  • Poli using Water Gun and Ice Beam
  • Onix
  • Onix using Skull Bash
  • Pika dodging Onix's Rock Throw
  • Gym outside, hall, and boxing ring
  • I want a picture of Onix using Rock Throw