Better known as Spencer
Platinum Lucas.png
This is Spencer. He is me in Platinum.
Age 13
Gender Male
Eye color blue
Hair color dark brown
Hometown Sunyshore City
Region Sinnoh

To protect the world from devastation... To unite all peoples within this nation... To pronounce the virtues of truth and love... It's...


Yeah... I know that my motto is a corny altered Team Rocket motto. But, I like being weird. I like cheese. What? No, I meant I like garlic. No, I'm not kidding. I actually like garlic. But anyway, my favorite Pokémon is Riolu, as you can see above. I love the color turquoise, hence the turquoise Riolu. My favorite Anime character is Conway. My favorite TCG card is Salamence. Not Lv. X, not G, not anything but Salamence, from Stormfront. My favorite type is Ice. Isn't it strange how my favorite Pokémon isn't Ice type? Well, my second favorite Pokémon is Weavile. My favorite move, by far, is actually Dream Eater. On a completely random note, my favorite letter is i. On another completely random note, I like to be random.

Well, now that the introductions are done, I suppose I should tell you a bit about myself. I wasn't a Pokémon fan at first. I thought that I might like Pokémon, so I got my first game: Pokémon Diamond. That game I loved so much, I HAD to get another one. This happened with my purchase of Pokémon Platinum. After this, I loved the series even more, and slowly, I began to collect more and more pokemon games. Some I got from others (given willingly of course!) and some I got myself. Now, I am happy to say that I have and have played every mainstream Pokémon game available in the U.S. and love them all. Just so you know, the most recent addition to my collection is not HGSS, but... Red. It's the one that I really wanted, but couldn't find. The basic Poké-Game. Now, I have a collection, and will never let them go!

I own, like I said, literally every mainstream game available in America. However, I have only Beaten these: Emerald, Diamond, Platinum, SoulSilver, and LeafGreen. Here are my "Hall of Fame"s.

Also, just so you know, here is my perfect team! I'm currently building it in Platinum.

Well, that's it for now. By the way, this will undergo a MAJOR upgrade as soon as I have time. Here's the last word for now: Unabbreviated.