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Joined 22 July 2010

Oh, hello! It's working, now... Excellent! Self-introduction time: Hello, my name is Soul of Dawn. It has completely NOTHING to do with the anime character Dawn. It's actually a reference to one of the best music albums ever: STAY ~Yoake no Soul~ (STAY ~Soul of Dawn~). I am a giant fan of the band GARNET CROW, so much so that I keep a little fan blog that I don't actually know if I'm allowed to link to here. However, if you Google "GARNET CROW fan blog", you can find it there. I play keyboard, and, by extention, the piano. Right now, I'm trying to learn three different languages at once. (French, Italian, and Japanese.) This often leads to confusion! Suffice to say, my Italian teacher has stopped asking me to translate things into Italian, due to the fact he will inevitably recieve some garbled mix of the three. I have an addiction to can coffee, which at one point was discontinued from one of the few places that sells it. I think I actually had mild withdrawal symptoms...

Okay, since I was a little kid I have had a great fascination with the Pokémon games and stuff. It all started when I was around the age of five. My dad used to watch the Pokémon anime, and one day he bought me a little clear rubber ball with a Pikachu inside. (This, by the way, was before I had ever heard of Pokémon...) He told me a bit about the Pokémon anime. All I could think was that it seemed COOL! So later that week, I sat down and watched an episode. It wasn't the first episode, from what I remember, but somewhere into the middle of the first series. I had no idea who those characters were, but the premise of the show was fun. I watched it religiously from that point on. For my sixth birthday, I recieved a Game Boy Colour and, with it, Pokémon Blue! I remember being really confused as to how one was meant to exit a building, believing myself to be trapped in the comfort of my own home. Luckily, my dad freed me, and I went on to obtain a Bulbasaur, given the somewhat unimaginative nickname of "Planty". I think what made me love the game so much was that it fulfilled my desire for a pet. The Pokémon craze established itself at my school, and the cards were to be seen all around the playground. For some reason, nobody actually knew how to play the TGC, and we just collected them. Once, someone who had grown to dislike Pokémon gave me a tin full of Pokémon cards! I didn't even know that guy, so I was shocked. When we were learning about the alphabet, our teacher would ask us to say words that began with a certain letter. Needless to say, she was bombarded with Pokémon names. This led to the rule: "No Pokémon in the Alphabet Corner!" Once, a friend of my mother's came to visit our house, along with her son. He stole some money from my room and was made to return it. His mother, as a means of punishment, made him give me all his Pokémon cards as well as the stolen money, and I can proudly say that from that day on, I owned a shiny Mewtwo card. (This was all about some money that I hadn't even noticed was gone! How lucky!) My mother slowly grew addicted to my Pokémon game, too. Once, when I went to bed, she borrowed the Game Boy and became hooked. So every night I would tell her the Pokémon I wanted and she'd catch them for me at night. She also got me through confusing areas like that Rocket hideout in Celadon City and worked hard to "catch 'em all". This led to her earning the nickname of Poké-mom. I had only ever used the Link function once, in a Pokémon battle with that guy who stole my money. (I kept winning until he asked me to put my wonderful Venusaur in the PC. My party was wiped out pitifully.) Some time after that, Pokémon Gold and Silver were released and everyone wanted some of the action. I think I first tried it as an illegal internet download on my uncle's PC. It was great fun, but the Pokémon's names weren't properly translated. I was pretty confused, running into wild Popos and the like. But it was like cocaine to a little kid like me, and after saving up a lot of money, I bought it from a games shop one day. I wasn't even tall enough to reach the counter! It must have been a great shock to the guy at the counter to see tiny hands pushing the game and the hard-earned money onto the counter. Pokémon Gold became my constant companion. I had reached Mahogany Town when I lost the game cartridge. Tears ensued. I never even bought another copy... Upon the release of Ruby and Sapphire, I queued to buy it from the same place as all those years before. As soon as I played it, I was amazed by the quality of the sounds and the graphics. The Pokémon's cries sounded like something a real-world animal could actually make! That was perhaps the most impressive thing to me, oddly enough. And since I had the Game Boy Advance SP, with the backlight, I could play it all night. That's something I still do now. There's something to be said for sitting in just your underwear, tired hands desperately scrabbling at the buttons of your DSi, trying fruitlessly to find a shiny Pokémon. To this day, the only shiny thing I have ever owned is the Red Gyarados from HeartGold and SoulSilver. Neither have I encountered the Pokérus... Grrr. Eventually, my Pokémon Ruby stopped working for some reason, and I fell out of love with Pokémon... (This is the sad part.) This went on until 2010, when Pokémon HeartGold and SoulSilver were released. To finish the Gold game that I had lost and to witness the game's ending, I decided to buy it. I had never even been aware it was possible to visit Kanto! It started a new love affair with the game for me, but I'll admit it's taken me some time to get used to all the Generation Four stuff. I discovered this site a few months ago, and I noticed that some of the pages were quite badly written. Even now, my contributions are mostly grammar based. I'm a true defender of the English language! Whooo!

A list of things I hate: 1. Waking up. 2. The fact I'm so sensitive. 3. Internet stuff. Like when people mis-use the words "fail" or "epic". Or that stupid, stupid phrase "for the win". Who the heck thought of that?! The fact it's in Pokémon Platinum almost made me sick. 4. When there's a song you like, but it turns out to be the B-side to a single and not worth buying. 5. People who use Japanese words in English sentences, even if they mean well. Example: Person A- "I'm sitting my exams soon, you know." Person B:"Really? Well, gambatte!!" In this scenario, Person B is a dolt. 6. Yuri's outfit in Livescope of THE TWILIGHT VALLEY... 7. Urinals. Especially when there's no other option. 8. The fact you can't buy songs from other countries on iTunes. 9. Paying for TV channels. 10. The newer episodes of The Simpsons. 11. Wiki-code stuff. I just don't get it. 12. Pineapple juice. 13. Grapefruit juice. 14. Needless bad language. 15. The fact I don't own a pipe organ. 16. The ending to Agatha Christie's "Curtain: Poirot's Last Case". 17. Miss Marple TV adaptations where it's obvious the writers are taking the... uh... *BAD WORD*. 18. The fact that the Godzilla movies got so stupid. 19. The American Godzilla movie where they changed the villains to the French. Racism, much? 20. Racism. 21. The fact that if you listen to a song that moves you too much, it doesn't affect you as much as when you first heard it. 22. Teachers who think you're stupid. 23. The fact there's only so much time in a day, and you don't even spend it all awake. 24. The fact I keep saying "the fact". 25. The fact I've started speaking like an old lady. If something bad happens, I say "Oh, dear...". 26. Algebra. It hardly applies to real-life situations. 27. People who're obsessed with Japan to the point where they'll try anything that is in the least connected with it. 28. The fact I don't use my phone enough, even though it's expensive, and a very nice birthday present. 29. The fact that every time I get a Nintendo DS, a better one replaces it. 30. Selfishness.

That's everything. I might try to spruce this page up with those cool things that some people have on theirs, but it'll be a loooooong time before I even begin to understand those. Oh, and here are some tips on how not to incur my wrath: "It's" = "It is". "Its" = "Belonging to it". "You're" = "You are". "Your" = "belonging to you".

Here's my first thingy! I was surprised to be able to find this.

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