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Hey, this is my userpage... in case you hadn't guessed.

Recap on my life involving Pokémon games

I was very young when I first started playing Pokémon. I enjoyed the games up until after Gen II, when I suddenly decided that I didn't like Pokémon any more. When I had gotten bored of playing Gold for hours on end, I just stopped there. I remember thinking that they had made too many Pokémon, and decided to just forget about the games. I carried on with my life as normal, having nothing to do with Pokémon until very recently, when I decided to try out Pokémon Pearl on a whim... just because I hadn't played Pokémon for such a long, long time. Then, I slowly started getting obsessed again... I decided to get FireRed and LeafGreen, so I could relive my old memories of the games I used to play nonstop. Even more recently, I decided to find Ruby and Sapphire to see what I had missed. I'm playing through Ruby now, and I think that I would have enjoyed it very much if I had chosen to play it when I was younger...

I'm apparantly meant to be too old to be obsessed with Pokémon right now (I'm 16 years old), but I don't care. I like playing the games anyway.

Right now, one of my most valued possessions is my Pokémon Pearl cartridge. According to the in-game timer, I've spent 400+ hours playing it. For comparison, I dug up my old Pokémon Gold cartridge and checked the timer. It says 356 hours played on it.

Obligatory Favourite Pokémon Section

Everyone's got their favourites. When I was younger, I really didn't know anything about base stats or usefulness of Pokémon, I just liked them if they looked good and sounded good. By "sounded good", I mean if their in-game cry matched. I like Pokémon whose cry matches their appearence more than one that doesn't. Nowadays, I still don't really care about stats much, I'm not really competetive. If I like the way it looks and sounds, then I'll like it...even if it's useless.

Generation I


I've always had this thing with Butterfree... I dunno what it is. Maybe it has something to do with the fact that it's obtained early and is a tremendous help with the first Gym if you chose Charmander (or Pikachu), since it learns Confusion, which is one of the few moves you have at the time that isn't resisted by rock. Also, my first ever shiny Pokémon that wasn't Gyarados was an orange Metapod found in National Park. I quickly evolved it, and I used it a lot. Much later on, when I got LeafGreen, I found a yellow Caterpie as soon as I stepped into Viridian Forest for the first time. I was thrilled, because I remembered my shiny Butterfree in Gold, and how you can't transfer from Gen II to Gen III. If I had to choose my favourite shiny Pokémon, it'd be Butterfree, because of my nack of finding them. I haven't found one in Gen IV yet, but I did get a shiny Cascoon from a honeyed tree...


Ducks are funny. I tend to get headaches often, too... Also, he looks silly, which is always a plus. I tend to like silly-looking Pokémon.


Another silly-looking one. Plus, Bellsprout's just cool, in a sort of not actually cool way. Somehow, there'd always be a Victreebel on my team, at least in games where you can find Bellsprout. I just can't resist catching one of these. Also, has anyone noticed that Bellsprout's cry is basically a sped-up version of Psyduck's cry? And it somehow fits both of them well.


Magneton is another favourite. A Magneton helped me beat the Elite Four in Gold, and I liked his cry. Except when its cry changed a bit in Gen III. Now it's not as catchy. I wonder how they came up with the idea for this Pokémon.


Wow, a pile of eggs Pokémon. I never actually used Exeggcute because they're such a pain to get. They just look funny.


Scyther's just cool-looking. Nothing more to say here.


I was a player of Blue-version, so I never really got a chance to play with Electabuzz. He's still cool. Plus, I like his cry.


Porygon's still one of my top favourites. I loved computers when I was younger (and still do), and Porygon was just that - a computer Pokémon. He was also cheapest out of the three versions to get from the Rocket Game Corner in Blue.


Zapdos has always been one of my favourite legendaries. Maybe it's because he looks the toughest of all three birds, or maybe it's because I remember finding a holographic Zapdos trading card in a packet when I was young and still bought Pokémon cards. I don't know why, but I like Zapdos a lot.

Generation II


This guy looks cool. He's also cute. Something that manages to be both cool-looking and cute-looking at the same time...that's impressive.


Yay, sheep! SHEEP!


Sudowoodo... When I first saw this guy, I thought he was some crazy new grass-type. BUT NO! He's a crazy new rock-type instead! That's crazy! Also, he looks silly, which is a plus.


Everyone likes these guys. Though what's there to not like, other than the nonexistent moveset? I like the challenge of catching every single one of them.


When I was younger, I didn't know anything about stats... I never knew Shuckle has such insane defense. I just liked him 'cause he was weird-looking. And I still like him 'cause he's weird-looking.


I like Houndour. I thought Growlithe was pretty cool before G/S/C, but then Houndour came, and I liked it more. I also like the nice typing it has.

Generation III

I came into Gen III much later than I should have done. None of these next Pokémon have anything to do with childhood sentimentalness, like the previous ones did. I just like 'em.


You know what? I'm not going to say it. Nope. I hate its cry, though. It sounds nothing like it looks like.


Pelipper! It's Pelipper! PELIPPER! ...


Ooh, a water strider. Wasn't expecting that. Though I also wasn't expectng it to be so rare... I don't know why Surskit's on this list, but I felt that I needed to add it.


Now THIS was an original idea. I like.


I like it when electric Pokémon aren't Pikachu ripoffs... Electrike also looks pretty good, too.


Heh, look at the little miniature Death. This ghost guy is pretty cool-looking, though I can't say the same about Dusclops or Dusknoir. Simple is best.

Generation IV

I feel like I need to put up a couple more Gen IV Pokémon here, but I just can't think of any more that I like.


Misdreavus has one pretty nice evolution there.


Everyone likes this guy. But there's really not much to dislike. They chose the right Pokémon to hype up.


Cute little guy. I like Rotom. Also has an interesting and unique type combo. I don't like how everyone says he's a legendary Pokémon, though, as he's clearly not. He's about as legendary as a Snorlax...