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The scene from EP001.

Pokémon like many Anime features a very distinct background of music. At the start of most episodes in the original series especially, the background orchestra can be heard which also features a heavy presence in the video games. The purpose for the music, like many other animated programming is to aid the mood of the show to show the feelings expressed .

The music is played in many different times usually depending on the emotion of the show. Times of hardship , influencing a more sad soft tone .It can then progress getting loud when the show is in a serious tense moment, One example from the anime is when Ash flees from a flock of attacking Spearow during the first ever episodePokémon - I Choose You.The music is entitled 'Tears after the cloudy weather' which sets scene for the more serious and emotional side of the anime which was a major milestone of the Pokémon anime.

Every time their is a Pokémon battle ,the battling music from the game is used in the show.


Anime music composed by 宮崎慎二 Miyazaki Shinji

Music based on the game music:

List of Background songs of the indigo league

  • A brutal pokemon arrives
  • A formidable enemy appears
  • A huge free for all
  • A meeting and parting
  • Absolute death
  • Bills Lighthouse
  • Bridge bike gang
  • Burning battle feild
  • Creeping SHadow
  • Dazzling Beautiful Girl
  • Fighting SPirit
  • Go with the bycicle
  • I did it
  • I got a Pokemon
  • I got a Victory Badge
  • Legend
  • Lets run
  • Mezase Pokemon Master
  • Oden
  • Persestant Pokemon
  • Pikachu Arrives
  • Pokemon Battle
  • Pokemon Holiday
  • Pokemon, I choose You
  • Pokemon leage official cap
  • Pokemon ni Fantasy
  • Prayer
  • Raid
  • Reunion
  • Setting Off
  • Silly Psyduck
  • Team rocket boss Meeting
  • Team rocket's 7th change
  • Team Rocket's Motto
  • Tears after the Cloudy Weather
  • The Illusionary Pokemon
  • The Matters settled
  • The Moon Stone
  • The ship saint anne
  • To Be Continued
  • Total War


  • Ash himself can be heard humming along to the music playing in the start of ..., with the announcer even mentioning it. Thus breaking the fourth wall.
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