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none's Arbok & The Ekans Brothers
Arbok & The Ekans Brothers
Arbok and his cronies, the Ekans Brothers, serve as antagonists in the beginning of the series.

In Even an Arbok Falls in Love!, Arbok develops a crush on Wigglytuff. Hazel and the main cast help Arbok get Wigglytuff's attention by helping him build a Wigglytuff statue out of roses. After this, Arbok and the Ekans Brothers soften up and become friends with the main cast.

Debut Christmas Wishes
none's Jynx
Jynx is a fortune-teller. She can read the minds of both humans and Pokémon with her magic ball. Jynx can also determine fortunes based on how her hair falls into place, calling this technique "Hair-O-Mancy". She often predicts bad news for the main cast.

In Even an Arbok Falls in Love!, Arbok goes to Jynx to find out if he has a chance with his crush, Wigglytuff.

Debut Even an Arbok Falls in Love!
none's Master Ditto
Master Ditto
Although he's just a Ditto, Master Ditto is a very accomplished ninja. He is training with Wal throughout the series, but once he sees Jigglypuff he wants to train her in the ninja arts as well. It is hinted that at one point he was a human.
Debut The Wal Comes Tumbling Down
unknown's Lu
Lu is a shy Eevee who is in love with Coconut's Eevee. She had been watching Eevee from afar, because she was secretly in love with him. She had trouble declaring her feelings, so Hazel and Coconut decided to help. They put her through a series of dangerous circumstances, in the hope that Eevee would save her from harm. Even though most of these circumstances ended badly, she still ended up declaring her love and becoming Eevee's girlfriend. Soon after, she was forced to move away, but the two kept in touch via mail.

In The Very First Date, Lu returns, and she and Eevee finally go on a date, where they are haunted by the ghost of a lovesick Golduck.

Debut Eevee-Lu-Tion
Sandy's Raichu
Raichu and his owner, Sandy, had been friends 150 years ago. Sandy's parents left him in a box by the ocean because he had a tendency to shock people, and Sandy promised to meet him there. However, before they could even meet, they were both killed by a tidal wave. He then became a ghost and, because he thought Sandy had abandoned him, became quite bitter. It wasn't until Pikachu and friends stepped in to help that Raichu understood what really happened. He and Sandy then departed to the afterlife.

In Heavenly Pokémon, Raichu and Sandy appear again when Eevee gets possessed by a Golduck ghost.

Debut Raichu's Best Friend