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The information I find out about the people who designed which Pokémon.

Who Designed which
Hitoshi Ariga Pangoro,[1] Inkay,[1] Malamar,[1] Honedge,[1] Doublade,[1] Aegislash,[1] Tyrunt,[1] Tyrantrum,[1] Amaura,[1] Aurorus[1]
Motofumi Fujiwara Eevee,[2] Jolteon,[2] and Flareon[2]
Mana Ibe Victini[3] and Stunfisk[4]
Shigeki Morimoto Diglett,[5] Mankey,[6] and Mew[7]
Atsuko Nishida Pikachu,[8] Vaporeon,[2] Espeon,[2] Umbreon,[2] Leafeon,[2] Glaceon,[2] and Sylveon[9]
Muneo Saitō Raikou,[10] Entei,[10] and Suicune[10]
Yusuke Ohmura Xerneas,[9] Yveltal[9]*
Ken Sugimori Sudowoodo,[11] Dialga,[12] Palkia,[12] Zekrom,[13] and Reshiram[13]
James Turner Vullaby,[14] Golett,[14] Golurk,[14] Vanillite,[14] Vanillish,[14] Vanilluxe,[14] Mandibuzz[15], Buzzwole,[16] Guzzlord,[16] Poipole,[17] and Naganadel[17]
Hironobu Yoshida Wobbuffet, Dunsparce and Celebi[18], Deoxys[19] and Magmortar[19]


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