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This article is a proposed to-do list for Bulbapedia.

Please discuss the proposed to-do list and suggest possible changes on the article's talk page.

The following is a to-do list for Bulbapedia. Higher powers are allowed the tasks of those below them in power. If you have any suggestions or tasks to add, please bring them up on the talk page.

Regular users

Current tasks

  • Replace all usages of {{Pokémon}} with its relevant subtemplates.
  • Update Pokémon biology sections to the new condensed format (see Bulbasaur for the model)
  • Replace all instances of "Synopsis" as a section header with "Plot".
  • Add official blurbs to articles where possible (particularly anime episode pages).
  • Replace all usages of align= and valign=.
Old code New table code New text code
align=left <blank> <blank>
align=right style="float:right" style="text-align:right"
align=center style="margin:auto" style="text-align:center"
align=justify N/A style="text-align:justify"
valign=<position> style="vertical-align:<position>" style="vertical-align:<position>"

Ongoing tasks